vokoscreen 2.5.8-beta

vokoscreen is an easy to use screencast creator to record educational videos, live recordings of browser, installation, videoconferences, etc.

Tags video capture screen-capture cpp linux education
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.5.8-beta30 Jan 2018 00:25 minor feature: Option startrecord and stoprecord has now a return value . All option has now a return value. . Commandline. . Commandline. . Commandline. . Commandline. . Commandline. . Commandline. . Add option setCountDown. . Diverses. . Diverses. . Commandline. . Clean code. . Timer. . Diverses. . Webcam. . Webcam. . Clean code. . Clean code. . Add player Audience. . Add stanard system player. . Set icon for player. . Set icon for gif-player. . Move code. . Language. . Add icon for format. . Clean code. . Min. Qt 5.7. . Add audiocodec flac to mkv container. . Add videocodec x265 for format mov. . Delete CRF option from x265. . About Tab adapted to the window version. . Delete email. . Language. . Beta 2.5.8.
2.5.7-beta02 Oct 2017 06:45 minor feature: MyAlsa better read. Diverses. Diverses. Diverses. Gitignore. Commandline. Commandline. Commandline. Commandline. Add commandline startrecord and stoprecord. Commandline. Disable audio with commandline option. Vokoscreen.xml. Commandline. Commandline. Commandline. Commandline. Commandline. Commandline. Clean code. Disable audio if start with commandline. Commandline. Commandline. Commandline. Commandline. Commandline. Add webcam commandline. Commandline. Add fullscreen, window and area to commandline. Add setAreaReset to commandline. Beta 2.5.7.
2.5.6-beta23 Sep 2017 03:25 minor feature: Detect wayland. Detect wayland. Detect wayland. Shortcuts only under xcb. Diverses. ShortcutCheckBox show only under xcb. Readme.md. Update README.md. Update README.md. Add description pulsaudio vokoscreenMix, see in pavucontrol. Language. Beta 2.5.6.
2.5.5-beta22 Aug 2017 10:25 minor feature: Beta 2.5.4. GUI. Add shortcuts on off. Repair tabwidget svg icon in run version. Translation. Set workdirector for link in about in run version. Clean code. X265. Webcam better fps. Wecam add title version. Translations. Translations. Rename VideoContainerComboBox to VideoFormatComboBox. Libvorbis is now standard Audiocodec. Pull requests from Alexander255 vokoscreen OOMs my system (+). Range-based ?for? loops are not allowed in C++98 mode. Tramslations. Extensions can now load from extensionTAB. QProcessEnvironment::systemEnvironment() for Player. Cleane code. Translations. VokoscreenRUN environment remove. Resize tab-png 128x128. Diverses. Add webm. Webm. Libvorbis is standard. Add libopus. Update screencast.cpp. Language. Beta 2.5.5.
2.5.4-beta01 Mar 2017 03:15 minor feature: Add resetAreaButton. Diverses. Translation. Area dialog. Area dialog tabstop. Clean code. Area ()-- hide(). Clean code. Area show not by start. Clean code. Area no show by press areaResetbutton under Plasma5. Add interface for extension. Extension. Replace tab-settings. Add extension tab. Fullscreen Alsa delete ampersam. GUI. GUI. GUI. Shortcut GUI. Delete shortcut setEnable.
2.5.3-beta16 Jan 2017 03:15 minor feature: Improvements area green buttons. Area no show by starting vokoscreen. Area, number of pixels must be divisible by two, now for all records. Delete old code from green buttons. Delete old code from green buttons. Change drawPie to drawEllipse. Green buttons. Animation green button. Second doubleclick old size and position. Area settings dialog. Beta 2.5.3.
2.5.2-beta26 Dec 2016 03:15 minor feature: Vokoscreen starts minimized. Language. Save count screens in settings. Reset all settings at next start. New translations. Update translations. Titel line supplemented with WithLibs. Mp4 not supported pcm_s16le, removed from MP4list. Webcamwindow was not right. Deleted two images. Update translations. Time. X264 lossless working not allways. Add format MOV. Translation. Change Titel line by RUN-Version. Operating-system and statusline. Change in INSTALL file Qt5 = 5.4. Translation. Translation. Alsa, rename deviceList to cardList. Change for loop. Alsa, rename device to card. Alsa, devices. Webcam-window background black. Clean code. Clean code. Tooltip MagnifierCheckBox. Begin devlop variabel shortcuts. Devlop shortcuts. Devlop shortcuts. Devlop shortcuts. Devlop shortcuts. Devlop shortcuts. Devlop shortcuts. Devlop shortcuts. Devlop shortcuts. Translation. Picture. Disable Tab shortcut. Removed shortcut Tab from GUI. Add webcamwindow icon. Translation. Removed shortcut.ui. Translation. Translation. Recordarea red. Green Buttons by Desktopanimation fade out in Video. Countdown fade out, no sleep one second. Clean code. Run version. Commandline option --help. Commandline option --start. Systraymenu titel. Add new SingleApplication. Remark systray menutitel. If GIF select, pause was in systray on. Translation. QObject::tr(vokoscreen can be started only once. Translation. Change icon continue. Change go to continue. in- and outside from blue frame by green buttons we can do mouseclick. Make sure the video is saved in one of the following three folders. Translation. New beta 2.5.2, Improvements area red recordbuttons.
2.5.006 Aug 2016 21:30 minor feature: Many changes, including: New translations for Netherlands, Albanian, Persian, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish (Argentina) and updates for 21 languages; migration from Qt4 to Qt5; support to animated GIF and many codecs. Many bug fixes.