WDBAJDollar .1

WDBAJ$v.1 is invented in JDOLLAR Technology at year 2014 by wilmix jemin j. WDBAJ$v.1 is used in cloud computing. It is a remote database to connect to any program or J$ program or saucer , etc. It is a NOSQL database.(ie, no need to type sql). We can perform insertion , deletion, updation, deletion, encryption, and deencryption by using it.

Tags jdollar database nosql cloudcomputing software-development
License GNU GPL
State initial

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.127 Mar 2016 04:22 major feature: ADVANTAGES ----------- 1.It saves time and cost 2.It Provides very high security 3.It is a remote database 4.it is used in cloud computing 5.it is used in banking and insurance projects and with all WSIT Technologies. 6.it provides encryption , deencryption ,etc 7.It is flexible, user friendly, robot , and fast. 8.We can write only single piece of code to connect to database. 6.It is also a interactive database. 7.It is used to store data to - from any database. 8.we can also store large bulks of data and set the relationship between the table. 9.It is a platform independant database. 10.It stores the data in a serialization format. 11.WDBAJ is a NO-SQL Database We can also executed encrypted class file .dbs file and it will generate a output. 12.WDBAJ is used with sql server .It will not support java DB server.