JDollarv.2 .2

JDOLLAR(J$v.2) IS said to be less interactive , advanced programming language used for constructing OS , compilers and mostly used in cloud computing and mobile cloud computing. And JDollar(J$v.2) is the World NO:1 technology. It contains 10 modules focused on cloud computing and mobile cloud computing. It is invented by wilmix jemin j at C/C++ Technology in year 2015. [Expansion of JDollar => J-> JEMIN and Dollar => MONEY] It uses Remote cloud sever to compile the J$ Programs.

WDBAJDollar .1

WDBAJ$v.1 is invented in JDOLLAR Technology at year 2014 by wilmix jemin j. WDBAJ$v.1 is used in cloud computing. It is a remote database to connect to any program or J$ program or saucer , etc. It is a NOSQL database.(ie, no need to type sql). We can perform insertion , deletion, updation, deletion, encryption, and deencryption by using it.

NJDollar .1

NJDollar is a Most Advanced Technology. NJDOLLAR is otherwise known as JAS JAS is the Technology invented in JDollar(J$) by wilmix jemin j at nov 2015.

Web and WML .1

WEB is the Most Standard Technology for WEB invented by wilmix jemin j in JDollar atOCT 2015 to develop a webpage. Web is used instead of today internet tools which is not fast.Expansion of WEB is "Wilmix Encryption for Business". W stands for wilmix hence it is invented by wilmix. To make the name attractive we name it "WEB".

GCLOUDv.1 .1

GCLOUD v.1 (WGALAXY) is an operating system based on the unix architecture and implemented in CHDollar Technology and C/C++. It is invented by wilmix jemin j IN CHDOLLAR and C/C++ Technology at 2016 for WSIT Professionals , clinet companies, etc It is ranked as A type OS due to 12 different kinds of Advanced desktop with cloud computing. We also use JAVA Technology to construct utilities . It is designed and developed mainly for companies, Industries,clients,Professionals, and WSIT/JAVA /