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JDOLLAR(J$v.2) IS said to be less interactive , advanced programming language used for constructing OS , compilers and mostly used in cloud computing and mobile cloud computing. And JDollar(J$v.2) is the World NO:1 technology. It contains 10 modules focused on cloud computing and mobile cloud computing. It is invented by wilmix jemin j at C/C++ Technology in year 2015. [Expansion of JDollar => J-> JEMIN and Dollar => MONEY] It uses Remote cloud sever to compile the J$ Programs.

Tags jdollar compiler programming-language cloudcomputing framework modules jdollarv-2
License GNU GPL
State initial

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.227 Mar 2016 10:26 major feature: Advantages: ----------- All Technologies has one modules. But now JDollar has 10 modules in jdollar v.2. A) JDollarV.1 (extension .Jdollar) It is a cloud software to transport any data from JAVA to JDollar v.1 through WDBAJ . and can be used in other areas of software developement. B) JDollar2 (extension .Jdollar) - It is the combination of AJAX with Jdollar web pages. and it is used in cloud computing. c) JDollar3 used for Banking (extension .Jdollar) - It contains JDollar-AJAX with MVC pattern and CMP,BMP,AJSYNC,stateless,statefull session beans can be easily solved by JDollar3. for eg) IF we combinate and do this software project in java so it will be more crucial and we display as cloud banking. d) JDollar4 used for Insurance (extension .Jdollar) - It contains MVC pattern with AJAX and validator and with Jdollar web pages. It follows Insurance with Mobile Cloud computing style. e) JWP - Jdollar Web pages. (extension .jwp) It is mostly used in software development with JAVA. Since JAVA did not support cloud computing JWP will carry data from Oracle database to WDBAJ database which JAVA has stored data in Oracle database. and make the data displayed and manipulated by using JWP. f) JDollar - JDollar with user defined libraries(User can add libraries) (extension .j ) It behaves like C/C++ and it is used for BILLING SOFTWARE and such data can be transported to WDBAJ cloud database and by using WDBAJ which can easily interact with JAVA and also carry some data needed from Oracle database. g) J Marketting - JDollar used for Marketting (extension .Jdollar) It is used in marketting side. It is focused on cloud computing side. h) J Bank Security - used for Banking Security (.J extension or .j extension) It is for mobile cloud computing. i) J WebService j) J WEB