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GCLOUD v.1 (WGALAXY) is an operating system based on the unix architecture and implemented in CHDollar Technology and C/C++. It is invented by wilmix jemin j IN CHDOLLAR and C/C++ Technology at 2016 for WSIT Professionals , clinet companies, etc It is ranked as A type OS due to 12 different kinds of Advanced desktop with cloud computing. We also use JAVA Technology to construct utilities . It is designed and developed mainly for companies, Industries,clients,Professionals, and WSIT/JAVA / C /C++ / PHP professionals. It runs on 32bit x86 hardware platform and it is one of the most advanced os of all.. We use CDollar to construct GCloud OS GUI.... Actually GCloudos Desktop is divided in to two types..... they are GALAXY MAIN DESKTOP and GALAXY SLIDE DESKTOP... ADVANTAGES: ----------- Why it is most Advanced? It had 12 type of desktop (GALAXY MAIN DESKTOP and GALAXY SLIDE DESKTOP) GALAXY SLIDE and MAIN DESKTOP -------------------------------- 1) *GALAXY Desktop , with Userfriendly, with attractive theme. 2) SLING NAVIGATION WINDOW 3) Double Buffer 4) *JHOME Desktop (Desktop simillar to windows). 5) *MAC Like DESKTOP (Visual Desktop) 6) *Virtual Desktop 7) Galaxy Explorer will act as a Desktop and soon... Note: GCloud v.1 is focused on user to operate GALAXYv.1 os through Mobiles,IPAD,etc. So Gcloudv.1 os is the most advanced of all

Tags operating-system kernel unix gcloudv-1 c++ cdollar chdollar cloudcomputing desktop
License GNU GPL
State stable

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.116 Feb 2016 16:54 major feature: we use CDollar technology to construct advanced Desktop, OS GUI. We use JAVA technology to construct utilities... and We use CHDollar Technology to construct cloud type webpage.