NJDollar .1

NJDollar is a Most Advanced Technology. NJDOLLAR is otherwise known as JAS JAS is the Technology invented in JDollar(J$) by wilmix jemin j at nov 2015.

Tags jdollar compiler programming-language njdollar cloudcomputing
License GNU GPL
State initial

Recent Releases

.127 Mar 2016 03:28 major feature: a) JAS is a Simplest and OOPS Technology behave like CDollar and JDollar. b) JAS support loosely coupling.. c) JAS will be the Next generation technology which solves complex problems than PHP. d) JAS has Advanced oops concepts. e) JAS also supports more numerical digits than any Technology. f) JAS is used in mobile and Web cloud computing... g) JAS also used in cloud computing Design. h) JAS saves time and cost. i) JAS also has Good Design and Templates...