wxMaxima 20.01.3

wxMaxima is a document based interface for the computer algebra system Maxima. wxMaxima provides menus and dialogs for many common maxima commands, autocompletion, inline plots and simple animations.

Tags mathematics cas maxima
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

20.01.323 Jan 2020 20:05 minor feature: Corrected html export of the lowest sectioning unit. Sometimes text after fractions wasn't displayed. Copy-and-paste should now work in more cases. Selecting text within fractions should now work again. Corrected a few display glitches of the worksheet. wxMaxima now comes with five example files. More and better-working mouse-over tooltips.
20.01.207 Jan 2020 22:45 minor feature: Corrected html export of the lowest sectioning unit. Sometimes text after fractions wasn't displayed. Copy-and-paste should now work in more cases. Selecting text within fractions should now work again. Corrected a few display glitches of the worksheet. wxMaxima now comes with five example files. More and better-working mouse-over tooltips.
20.01.102 Jan 2020 21:25 minor feature: Nice menu icons for the operating systems that support this. Started to bundle small tutorials with wxMaxima. Many small additional.
19.12.429 Dec 2019 06:45 minor feature: FracCell now uses a ParenCell is it needs to surround something with . The post-release commit. . The crash Wolfgang has found. . A slightly more robust eof detection for svgz images. . Converted many images to modern svg. . We need a non-crashing release. . Updated many files.
19.12.224 Dec 2019 01:25 minor feature: An hungarian translation update by István Blahota. Drastically sped up the lookalike char detection. for many small. Many changes that prevent typical programming errors. Saving to.wxm sets the worksheet to "saved" again. More cases of modern wxWidgets signal handling. svg support that unfortunately lacks a font renderer. Right-click menus for the symbols sidebars. (Mostly) the index in the manual. Allow building and installing the manual in other formats (epub, pdf...).
19.12.107 Dec 2019 20:05 minor feature: Made the tooltips more visible. Added a warning tooltip about missing multiplication signs. Sped up drawing of new cells correcting the size calculations. If lookalike chars are used in a way that can cause hard-to-find errors now a warning tooltip is generated. A few additional that (besides others) resolve a potential crash. An option to turn all multiplication dots on.
19.12.003 Dec 2019 06:05 minor feature: wxMaxima now uses C++11 that makes the code more readable and helps finding. If found wxMaxima now asks cppcheck to find. Increased the speed of the program again. Opening the config dialogue since 19.11.0 unchecked "offer known answers". For Cmake =3.10.0 the build system now asks cppcheck to find. Changing the worksheet style was partially broken. A big number of additional in various places. A config option that forces displaying all multiplication signs.
19.11.118 Nov 2019 12:05 minor feature: Improved italian translation by Marco Ciampa. Autocompletion no more causes asserts. A better logic that decides which cell to send to maxima. wxMaxima now supports "-l", "-u" and "-X" command-line args like maxima. The help files now are installed in the Right Place. Many additional small.
19.09.101 Oct 2019 03:15 minor feature: The names of greek letters are no more converted to greek letters in variable names by default. Smarter Formatting of asterisk and hyphen. An automatic per-commit Windows Build for Appveyor. Always recalculate the worksheet size when needed. Better vertical alignment of exponents. The layout is now more consigstent between platforms. Chinese translation updates from liulitchi. wxMaxima now remembers the question for each answer, not only its number. Now the manual can be localized, too. Non-breaking spaces are now replaced by ordinary spaces before being sent to maxima. As always: Many additional.
19.09.009 Sep 2019 10:25 minor feature: Handle timeouts when writing to maxima and partial writes. Worksheet text disappeared on scrolling on some platforms. Sped up sending code to maxima. Removed quoting of Unicode characters within strings sent to maxima.
19.08.119 Aug 2019 12:45 minor feature: For nearly every instance something was drawn on the screen. Better handling of multi-cell lisp code.
19.08.016 Aug 2019 01:45 minor feature: Updated the russian translation. More and better test cases. Another SpeedUp. Correctly handle nested comments. Format lisp code correctly. Correctly read the default style. Gracefully handle invalid colors. Changed the default communication port to 40100. Several for different combinations of wxWidgets and GTK versions.
19.07.006 Jul 2019 11:05 minor feature: Many improvements and in the LaTeX and HTML export function. Many updated translations. Resolved a freeze on autocompletion. A sidebar that shows the contents of variables. Simplified the recalculation logic in order to squash the remaining. Simplified the sync between input and output cells.
19.05.731 May 2019 03:16 minor feature: The post-release commit. . A try to add an automatic test. . Tried to enable the automatic tests on travis. . An copy error. . Let's see if that works. . Travis doesn't let us test gui applications. . Disable the tests again. . Another try to enable automatic testing. . Support worksheets commencing with ":lisp" if maxima supports this. . Now we can start worksheets with a :lisp command.
19.05.628 May 2019 03:16 minor feature: Correctly save the autosave interval. A better logic for saving on exit if autosave is on and the file Cannot be created.
19.05.524 May 2019 06:45 minor feature: An updated hungarian translation. The new maxima command cartesian_product_list is now known to the autocompletion. Better xim compatibility.
19.05.418 May 2019 12:25 minor feature: Corrected saving formatting styles in the config dialogue. Allow to change the title etc. font again. Correctly output uppercase greek letters in TeX. Re-enable the old-style ESC commands. Made wxMaxima default to auto-searching for the maxima binary.
19.05.314 May 2019 06:25 minor feature: Corrected the autowrap line width for high zoom factors. Added a few missing "Update the user interface" events.
19.05.210 May 2019 06:05 minor feature: Sometimes the auto-evaluation of the worksheet auto-triggered. Support for broken locales that for valid non-ascii chars returned isprint()= false. Corrected reading font sizes from styles and configuring styles.
19.05.107 May 2019 03:15 minor feature: For various combinations of GTK and wxWidgets versions. A working Mac version. A few Windows. Big performance improvements.
19.05.004 May 2019 03:15 minor feature: Another ArchLinux displaying. More GTK3 compatibility. Resolved a windows hang. Better Dark Mode compatibility. Performance improvements and. Many code optimizations.
19.04.321 Apr 2019 12:05 minor feature: The post-release commit. . Add a matrix name to matrixmap. . Made it compile again. . Spelling. . A variable that missed in autocompletion. . Tell maxima which frontend is in use. . No idea what was the problem. But it seems to be resolved now. . Inform maxima which front-end is in use. . Updated the version number.
19.04.217 Apr 2019 03:17 minor feature: Corrected the size of error messages. A "Copy to mathlab"-feature. Maxima now delays interpreting the data from maxima until it encounters a newline or an Timer expires. EMF output no no more causes crashes and strange behaviour. RTF output should now work again. entermatrix() now works again. Better help file detection on MS Windows.
19.04.106 Apr 2019 10:25 minor feature: The post-release-commit. . The size of error messages, again. . Convert display errors on missing recalculates to a demessage. . Better formatting of error messages. . Force cells whose output changes to be recalculated. . The missing Recalculate. . The pre-release commit.
19.04.002 Apr 2019 09:25 minor feature: The cursor width now is taken from the current screen. Autocompletion sometimes cleared the result after inputting it. Added more commands to autocompletion. Spanish and italian translation updates. We no more need to re-implement maxima's load() routine. Instead we call the original one now. Animations now on load remember which slide they stopped at. A more error-proof language selection. If the system looks like it uses UTF8 by default the locale name that is passed to maxima now ends in ".UTF8" which should resolve the "setting locale failed" errors from maxima. Corrected the initial size of error messages. Many additional. Code cleanups.
19.03.111 Mar 2019 08:25 minor feature: HighDPI for ArchLinux, Windows and SuSE. Resolved crashes on RedHat and MS Windows. SBCL's compilation messages now appear in the status bar, not in the worksheet. Removed an unneeded "maxima has finished calculating" on startup. Many small. wxWidgets = 3.1.0: Corrected the toolbar icon size.
19.03.002 Mar 2019 07:45 minor feature: The ESC sequences for inputting symbols now use autocompletion. Use wxAutoBufferedPaintDC for drawing the worksheet instead of implementing our own version of it. Work around a in the Gentoo compiler. Help path lookup fpr ArchLinux. Corrected the help path lookup for MS Windows. Many.
19.02.119 Feb 2019 07:45 minor feature: Support for the broken ArchLinux compiler. Resolved the Crash on Closing for Mac Os. A "File open" that was depending on the language setting. Corrected scrolling on wxWidgets 3.1.3 for GTK3.
19.02.010 Feb 2019 03:15 minor feature: Resolved a cell size recalculation. Better wxWidgets 3.1.2 compatibility. Improved performance.
19.01.330 Jan 2019 03:15 minor feature: Repaired compilation on MacOs for wxWidgets 3.1.1. Better path detection on MS Windows. The "-m" switch needed for the appimage.
19.01.222 Jan 2019 11:59 minor bugfix: - Correct calculation of the size of images - Corrected the linebreak algorithm for the print output