X10 2.5.0

X10 is an object-oriented programming language for parallel programming using a globally partitioned address space. It utilizes varying child processing relationships to prevent locks, garbage collection, and prefers primitive types but allows operation on custom structs.

Tags x10 programming-language
License EPL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.5.009 Oct 2014 06:21 minor feature: X10 Release 2.5.0 includes a redesign of several X10 standard library APIs to better support Resilient and Elastic X10. In particular various aspects of Place-related functionality have been rethought to more naturally support execution over a dynamically varying set of Places. X10 2.5.0 also includes a set of enabling runtime system changes to better support the embedding of X10 and the XRX runtime into larger programs written in other programming languages. A backwards incompatible change to the x10.util.Map interface removes the usage of x10.util.Box on the return value of the put and get methods. Sep 2014 23:19 minor feature: + Performance improvements to X10 2.4.3 fix for MPI PUT and GET operations in x10rt_mpi Bug fix in generation of SMAP debug info for Managed X10 Fix to include all of x10.tests when generating src/test tarballs Improvement to CUDA: determine CUDA levels from CUDA toolkit version Fix for all idle threads parking (with no one probing)