XBUP 0.1.25

The eXtensible Binary Universal Protocol (XBUP) project is an attempt to design unified general binary data communication protocol and file format. It is based on the unlimited unary-binary encoding and block-tree structure with strong-type system and automatic transformations. Implementation should provide open-source libraries, editor tools, catalog of types and processing framework.

Tags java file format protocol binary data format
License GNU LGPLv3
State alpha

Recent Releases

0.1.2516 Sep 2015 18:38 minor feature: - XBEditor: Added undo manager with commands / operations - XBService: Converted RPC networking to use serialization - XBLib, XBParserTree: Tests reworked
0.1.2431 Jan 2015 22:02 minor feature: - XBCatalogWeb: Add browsing functionality to show item by catalog path + link to it in XBEditor - XBEditor: Add generic context menu for table items - XBCore: Extract framework-client and server libraries - XBServiceManager: Add HTML editor for catalog item documentation editing - XBServiceManager: Add icon editor for catalog item icons editing - XBServiceManager: Move catalog status to XBManager and "Files" tab in items detail panel - XBServiceManager: Add catalog item search by filter - XBEditor: Add context and catalog block type selection for new block adding - XBEditor: Add parameters tab in item modify dialog - XBEditor: Add support for line editors in property panel - XBCore: Add XBUP level 2 serialization (no transformations yet) - XBEditor: Add performing local catalog update according to time mark - Add work items management system - Add continuos integration service - Move source codes to GIT/GitHub - Change build system to Gradle