XLSX I/O 0.2.29

Cross-platform C library for reading values from and writing values to .xlsx files. XLSX I/O aims to provide a C library for reading and writing .xlsx files. The .xlsx file format is the native format used by Microsoft(R) Excel(TM) since version 2007. The library was written with the following goals in mind: - primary focus on data values organized in tables, on not layout or graphics - written in standard C, but allows being used by C++ - simple interface - small footprint - portable across different platforms (Windows, *nix) - minimal dependancies: only depends on expat (only for reading) and libzip (which in turn depends on zlib) - separate library for reading and writing .xlsx files Also includes command line tools to convert between .xslx and CSV files.

Tags excel xlsx c library c++ c library cross platform portable open source free ooxml database values read write
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

0.2.2914 Jul 2020 13:25 minor feature: Only treat sheet as a table (with header rows) when XLSXIOREAD_SKIP_EXTRA_CELLS flag is used (). Added xlsxioread_free() to crashes when calling library build with different compiler ().
0.2.2706 Jul 2020 14:05 minor feature: XLSXIOREAD_SKIP_EMPTY_CELLS/XLSXIOREAD_SKIP_EMPTY_ROWS/XLSXIOREAD_SKIP_ALL_EMPTY (). Changed Makefile to also generate.def files to be included in Windows packages.
0.2.2628 Mar 2020 16:25 minor feature: Accepted patch to add xlsxioread_sheet_last_column_index() and xlsxioread_sheet_flags(). Added xlsxioread_sheet_last_row_index().
0.2.2524 Mar 2020 06:05 minor feature: Memory leaks in xlsxioread_sheet_next_cell_int/xlsxioread_sheet_next_cell_float/xlsxioread_sheet_next_cell_datetime (). Added xml:space="preserve" to text cells to preserve spacing (). Ran valgrind tests on xlsxio_xlsx2csv and xlsxio_csv2xlsx. Memory leak in write_cell_data() in xlsxio_write.c (result of get_A1col was not freed). Rewrote get_A1col() in in xlsxio_write.c to avoid on platforms where multiple calls to va_start()/va_end() don't work.
0.2.2419 Mar 2020 09:45 minor feature: Memory leak (missing free(data- basepath) in main_sheet_get_sheetfile_callback when sheet filename not found). Added support for.xlsm.xltx and.xltm files. Missing #include in xlsxio_read.c, needed for sscanf(). Clang warning "format string is not a string literal" in xlsxio_write.c.
0.2.2210 Mar 2020 03:16 minor feature: CMakeLists.txt where BUILD_XLSXIO_DLL was also defined for static libraries. Added.travis.yml to allow building with Travis CI (on Linux). Changes to xlsxio_write.c to support minizip2.
0.2.2117 Dec 2018 16:25 minor feature: Changes to xlsxio_read.c for better Microsoft Visual C++ support. Added generation and installation of.def files when building with MinGW (can be used to generate Microsoft Visual C++.lib files). Added information README.md about creating.lib files when using Microsoft Visual C++. Join_basepath_filename in xlsx_read.c to also support absolute paths (reported by Matthew James Briggs). Added CMake options to specify custom dependancy paths: ZLIB_DIR/MINIZIP_DIR/LIBZIP_DIR/EXPAT_DIR.
0.2.1919 Jun 2018 03:16 minor feature: Crash in xlsx_read.c when XML_Char_openzip is called with empty filename. Memory allocation when using minizip version of xlsx_read.
0.2.1828 Apr 2018 11:25 minor feature: Crash when trying to write to an existing.xlsx that is locked (e.g. opened in Excel). Formatting with cell coordinates.
0.2.1216 Mar 2018 08:25 minor feature: Added support for minizip and made this the default instead of libzip. Xlsxioread_open_memory() parameter data is no longer const void but void to allow free(). Doxygen warnings. CMake with Windows static libraries.
0.2.1031 Oct 2017 06:05 minor feature: Added xlsxioread_open_memory() to read file from memory buffer. Use strcasecmp instead of stricmp. Move shared strings functionality from xlsxio_read.c to seperate file.
0.2.529 Jun 2016 12:45 minor feature: Reading data from cells with mixed formatting. Use correct formula for calculating column widths. Add -d parameter to xlsxio_csv2xlsx.
0.2.313 May 2016 05:42 minor feature: Fixed issue with static builds since introduction of CMake
0.2.107 May 2016 03:15 minor feature: Added CMake BUILD_DOCUMENTATION option (defaults to ON if Doxygen is detected). Workaround for missing stdint.h/unistd.h on Visual C. Removed -pthread when building for Apple.
0.2.003 May 2016 20:38 minor feature: