xmlwrapp 0.9.1

xmlwrapp is a modern style C++ library for working with XML data, built atop the venerable libxml2 C library.

Tags c++ library xml
License BSDL
State stable

Recent Releases

0.9.102 Nov 2020 03:45 minor feature: The library doesn't depend on Boost at all any more. It can now be compiled by C++17 (or even C++20) compilers, including MSVS 2017/2019, projects for which are included in the distribution. DLL version of the library can now be built with MSVS too, and not only gcc (or with gcc without relying on auto-import).
0.9.011 Apr 2018 10:05 minor feature: Crash when initializing the library from multiple threads concurrently. Wrong namespace being used for children of a newly inserted node. Don't implicitly switch document encoding to Latin-1 when calling get_encoding(), but continue to use UTF-8.
0.8.111 Dec 2016 14:55 minor bugfix: Include a required source file into the distribution archive.
0.8.002 Dec 2016 19:57 minor feature: Improve error handling: xml::document::save_to_ string,file () and xpath_context::evaluate() now throw exceptions in case of failure by default instead of silently ignoring any errors. Added xml::node::move_under(), xml::node::set_namespace() and xml::xpath_context class for evaluating XPath expressions.