Annotate Lab 1.0.0

Annotate-Lab is an open-source application designed for image annotation, comprising two main components: the client and the server. The client, a React application, is responsible for the user interface where users perform annotations. On the other hand, the server, a Flask application, manages persisting the annotated changes and generating masked and annotated images, along with configuration settings.

Marvin Image Processing Framework 1.5.5

Pure Java cross-platform image processing framework that provides features for image and video frame processing, multi-threading image processing, GUI integration, extensibility via plug-ins, unit text automation among other things.

CVPI: A Computer Vision Library For Mobile and Embedded Platforms 0.1

I am desiring to turn my university capstone project into a free software project, which you can view at CVPI is a computer vision library that utilizes OpenVG to perform image manipulation. I used as a guide for what functionality to implement. Working test code can be found in the `tests' directory. The code currently only works with the Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. If you have a singl