CVPI: A Computer Vision Library For Mobile and Embedded Platforms 0.1

I am desiring to turn my university capstone project into a free software project, which you can view at CVPI is a computer vision library that utilizes OpenVG to perform image manipulation. I used as a guide for what functionality to implement. Working test code can be found in the `tests' directory. The code currently only works with the Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. If you have a single web camera plugged into the Raspberry Pi, `' should be interesting. It will capture frames, do motion detection, and then output the motion detected frames as a slide-show, using `feh'.

Tags c computer vision mobile embedded openvg egl
License GNU LGPLv3
State initial

Recent Releases

0.130 Apr 2015 19:49 major feature: This is the initial announcement to the world, beyond the confines of university.