Marvin Image Processing Framework 1.5.5

Pure Java cross-platform image processing framework that provides features for image and video frame processing, multi-threading image processing, GUI integration, extensibility via plug-ins, unit text automation among other things.

Tags image processing computer vision framework java
License GNU LGPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.5.522 Dec 2016 14:00 major feature: - Improvements on framework core - Improvement on thresholding plug-in - New approach for thresholding considering pixel neighborhood - Alpha manipulation bug fixed - Alpha boundary plug-in
1.5.424 Nov 2016 12:31 major feature: - Framework improvements - boundaryFill bug fixed - New methods on MarvinPluginCollection - findTextRegions plug-in - findSubimage plug-in
1.5.331 Jan 2016 13:19 major feature: - Importer of decision trees induced using Weka. - Watershed transform. - New math algorithms. - Many bugs fixed.
1.5.215 Jul 2015 11:55 minor feature: - Harris and Susan corner detection (from the new contributor Mihályi Martin) - floodfill segmentation plug-in - color quantization plug-in - k-means plug-in