Ælhometta 1.0.8

Archaic attempt at autonomous non-sandboxed distributed artificial life of assembler automaton type, it features: separation of descriptive and executive data that provides branches and loops without jump instructions, publish-subscribe interaction with other instances over Tor, input/output through ordinary files associated with external sensors and actuators, and built-in shell.

Evolution 3.52.0 💾

Evolution is a personal information management application that provides integrated mail, calendaring and address book functionality.

minor feature: Bug Fixes: I#2632 - Workaround excessive memory use I#2672 - Calendar: Prefer html/markdown description in preview I#2691 - Incorrect/missing URLs in app metadata Miscellaneous: main.c: Fix unused variable when in non-development build SetupBuildFlags.cmake: Remove "-Wl,--no-undefined" from compiler flags ci: Create top 'pages' index.html page Plugins' .xml.in: Update homepage URI from GNOME wiki to GNOME GitLab (Andre Klapper)

GNU GPL email calendar office task organization