Fossil SCM 2.7 💾

Fossil is a distributed version control system, quite robust and easy to use. It manages local and remote repositories, user permissions, has a built-in wiki, bugtracker, release blog and an extendable web interface. It's github-in-a-box as all features are packed into a stand-alone executable which also doubles as server. Internally the database utilizes SQLite and allows extending that or its user interface through TCL or the builtin TH1 scripting language. An optional JSON API permits further

minor feature: Add the email alerts feature for commits, changes, wiki changes, forum posts, and announcements. This is Still a work in progress. It is functional, but it is not as easy to Setup and use as it ought to be. Add the discussion forum feature. Add new user capabilities letters needed to support alerts and forum. Formerly, user capabilities were letters from a-z , but with the. Enhancements, the supply of lower case letters was exhausted. User capabilities are now letters in a-zA-Z0-9 . The built-in skins are now responsive, providing better layout on. Small screens, including mobile devices. The default skin now includes a hamburger menu that is generated by the /sitemap page. All of the built-in skins now use a Content Security Policy (CSP) to help prevent cross-site injection and forgery attacks. There are no known. Vulnerabilities in Fossil. The added CSP does not anything; it merely adds Another layer of defense. The /sitemap and other list pages show as multiple columns if. The viewing window is wide enough. There is an optional "js" file for each skin that can be used to. Hold javascript. This file can be loaded by reference or can be Included in the header or footer. Add the backoffice. Update internal Unicode character tables, used in regular expression. Handling, from version 10.0 to 11.0. Improvements to the "Security Audit" administration page. Added the fossil branch current command. Update the built-in SQLite to version 3.25.1. Some code and interfaces are in place to support sending and. Receiving email directly via SMTP, but this feature is not yet Complete or ready for production use.

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