nmap 7.94 💾

Nmap ("Network Mapper") is a network utility for service discovery, monitoring and security auditing. Nmap utilizes raw IP packets for host discovery, port scanning, OS fingerprinting, firewall probing, and generating various statistics. It permits inspecting large network ranges but also works for single server checks. It's cross-platform compatible and also provides a X11 reporting GUI with Zenmap, and Ncat for data transfer and debugging, Ndiff for result comparison, and Nping for response an

minor bugfix: o Zenmap and Ndiff now use Python 3! Thanks to the many contributors who made This effort possible: Zenmap Updated Zenmap to Python 3 and PyGObject. Jakub Kulík . + Ndiff Updated Ndiff to Python 3. Brian Quigley . + Additional Python 3 update by Sam James, Daniel Miller. Special thanks to those who opened Python 3-related and pull requests: Eli Schwartz, Romain Leonard, Varunram Ganesh, Pavel Zhukov, Carey Balboa, Hasan Aliyev, and others. o Windows Upgraded Npcap (our Windows raw packet capturing and. Transmission driver) from version 1.71 to the latest version 1.75. It Includes dozens of performance improvements, and feature Enhancements described at https://npcap.com/changelog. o Nmap now prints vendor names based on MAC address for MA-S (24-bit), MA-M. (28-bit), and MA-L (36-bit) registrations instead of the byte MAC. Preused previously for lookups. o Added partial silent-install support to the Nmap Windows. Installer. It previously didn't offer silent mode (/S) because the Free/demo version of Npcap Windoes packet capturing driver that it Needs and ships with doesn't include a silent installer. Now with The /S option, Nmap checks whether Npcap is already installed (either the free version or OEM) and will silently install itself if so. This is similar to how the Wireshark installer works and is. Particularly helpful for organizations that want to fully automate Their Nmap (and Npcap) deployments. See Https://nmap.org/nmap-silent-install for more details. o Lots of profile-guided memory and processing improvements for Nmap, including OS fingerprint matching, probe matching and retransmission lookups for large. Hostgroups, and service name lookups. Overhauled Nmap's string interning and Several other startup-related procedures to speed up start times, especially For scans using OS detection. Daniel Miller o Integrated many of the most-submitted IPv4 OS fingerprints for recent. Versions of Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, and BSD. Added 22 fing

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psad 3.0

psad is an intrusion detection system built around iptables log messages to detect, alert, and (optionally) block port scans and other suspect traffic. For TCP scans psad analyzes TCP flags to determine the scan type (syn, fin, xmas, etc.) and corresponding command line options that could be supplied to nmap to generate such a scan. In addition, psad makes use of many TCP, UDP, and ICMP signatures contained within the Snort intrusion detection system (see http://www.snort.org/) to detect suspi