CloudI 1.7.5 šŸ’¾

CloudI is an open-source private cloud computing framework for efficient, secure, and internal data processing. CloudI provides scaling for previously unscalable source code with efficient fault-tolerant execution of C/C++, Erlang/Elixir, Go, Haskell, Java, JavaScript/node.js, OCaml, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby services. The bare essentials for efficient fault-tolerant processing on a cloud!

minor bugfix: * Added CloudI Service API nodes_status function to provide current uptime, availability and cost information for any CloudI node (using Erlang monotonic time) * Now both "*" and "?" are wildcard characters in service name patterns that consume one or more characters, with "?" never matching the next character in the string (i.e. "/?/" matches "/a/" but never "/a/b/" while "/*/" will match either) * cloudi_service_http_cowboy was renamed to be cloudi_service_http_cowboy1 * cloudi_service_router ssh server throughput was improved * All external dependencies were updated * Bugs were fixed and other improvements were added (see the ChangeLog for more detail)

MITL erlang elixir c++ c golang haskell java javascript ocaml perl php python ruby unix cross-platform distributed-computing

HandBrake 1.2.0 šŸ’¾

HandBrake is a video file conversion tool. It supports nearly all formats, can transcode media files and codecs for various platforms, players and devices (includes a user-friendly target list to select from). It has an uncomplicated interface and is available cross-platform.

minor feature: Blu-ray title name where reading from raw device. Improved handling of broken units in Blu-ray source (skip and continue reading). Rare crash related to preview images, anamorphic, and default preset values. Jitter produced by 59.94 fps to 29.97 fps frame rate conversion. Duration of silence buffers (may improve audio/video sync for some sources). Linker warning by setting libvpx target to minimum supported macOS version. Build failure with old GTK versions. Miscellaneous Flatpak-related and improvements. Updated libraries (necessary to pull in needed ) Libdvdread 6.0.0 (DVD decoding) Libdvdnav 6.0.0 (DVD decoding) . Libdvdread 6.0.0 (DVD decoding). Libdvdnav 6.0.0 (DVD decoding). Potential crash where HOME directory is missing. Legacy preferences causing preset window being shown at every launch. Preset name and menu display on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr. Default destination file name for Blu-ray source to not include MPLS number. Queue reloading in Flatpak sandbox. Toolbar icons alignment and use correct art for lower pixel density. Updated most translations. Menu item and tooltip strings related to selection behavior. Crash where presets file contains invalid UTF-8. Incorrect track selection behaviours on audio and subtitle tabs. Creating an unneeded HandBrake Team directory in the user's Roaming directory. Improved path handling when opening a source directory from the queue. Miscellaneous and improvements.

GNU GPLv3 c c objective-c video conversion cross-platform

TXR Language 204 šŸ’¾

TXR is a "data munging" language which combines a convenient text extraction notation that is equivalent in power to Parse Expression Grammars, with an innovative Lisp dialect which manages to integrate the differences between Lisp-1 and Lisp-2. It has many features: built-in lazy lists, strings and vectors that can be treated with list processing functions, currying operators, macros with destructuring lambda lists, macrolet, symbol macros, dynamically scoped variables, exception handling, object-oriented structures, delimited continuations, a foreign-function interface and much more. TXR is influenced by Common Lisp, Scheme, Awk, M4, POSIX Shell, Prolog, Ruby, Python, Arc, Clojure, S-Lang and others.

major bugfix: Bugfix in UTF-8 decoder. Bugfix in defvar operator. New nzerop function. Other minor improvements.

BSDL-2 interpreter development lisp text-processing utilities programming-language

TXR Language 203 šŸ’¾

TXR is a "data munging" language which combines a convenient text extraction notation that is equivalent in power to Parse Expression Grammars, with an innovative Lisp dialect which manages to integrate the differences between Lisp-1 and Lisp-2. It has many features: built-in lazy lists, strings and vectors that can be treated with list processing functions, currying operators, macros with destructuring lambda lists, macrolet, symbol macros, dynamically scoped variables, exception handling, object-oriented structures, delimited continuations, a foreign-function interface and much more. TXR is influenced by Common Lisp, Scheme, Awk, M4, POSIX Shell, Prolog, Ruby, Python, Arc, Clojure, S-Lang and others.

major bugfix: Broken logxor function fixed. Bugs fixed in the caseq*, caseql* and casequal* macros. VM performance improvements. Couple of new library functions.

BSDL-2 interpreter development lisp text-processing utilities programming-language

Courier Mail Server 1.0.5 šŸ’¾

Courier is a mail transfer agent (MTA) and groupware server. It implements IMAP, ESMTP, POP3, LDAP, SSL, HTTP, iCal. It also provides mailing list management, filtering, maildirs storage, and a webmail interface with calendaring and scheduling.

minor feature: Imap: Send an alert about a Unicode messages to a non-Unicode, client at most once per IMAP session.

GNU GPL c e-mail smtp imap mail-server groupware calendaring

hitch 1.5.0 šŸ’¾

hitch is a network proxy that terminates TLS/SSL connections and forwards the unencrypted traffic to some backend. It's designed to handle 10s of thousands of connections efficiently on multicore machines.

minor feature: the handling of the session cache option passed to configure . Kill pointless assert. . New stop_hitch test ture. . per-frontend default certificate handling. . Add argument parsing for UDS. . Teach VSA about PF_UNIX. . Rename this function. . Make Hitch backend-UDS capable. . Doc. . Add support for pem loading from directory. . Drop config_parse_cli retval arg. . pem-dir: default cert handling and other cleanup. . Add pem-dir-glob configuration setting. . Doc pem-dir/pem-dir-glob. . Add pem-dir test case. . Attempt at centralizing s_client output parsing to . openssl1.1.1 s_client sends an SNI name by default. . NPN not available in tls1.3. . Nix comment. . const struct frontend arg. . Add support for TLS 1.3. . Add test case for TLS 1.3 client. . Add missing lexer token for TLSv1.3. . Rename so we don't have 2x test29. . Rework log level bits. . ocsp-dir reload crash. . Don't override log-level on --daemon. . Also take into account current-generation workers in handle_mgt_read. . Preliminary changelog. . Move proxy tlv append into its own function. . proxyv2: Update the length at the very end. . Add 'proxy-tlv' option. . Rename/refactor the alpn/proxy bits. . Kill stale comment. . Set SO_REUSEADDR for parse_proxy_v2. . Add proxy-tlv test case. . proxy-tlv doc. . Drop TLSv1.1 as a default protocol. . Update changes. . Redo pem-dir default cert handling. . Prepare for 1.5.0.

BSDL-2 internet proxy-server tls

CakePHP 3.7.1 šŸ’¾

CakePHP is a web development framework, somewhat similar to Rails. It provides scaffolding tools, an ActiveRecord/DataMapper implementation, doesn't require much setup or configuration. It comes with helpers for text translations, caching, validation, authorization backends, CSRF and XSS protection, and templating. It follows the Web-"MVC" scheme, centralized route dispatching, less efficient class-by-class autoloading, etc. Thorough API documentation and a rich set of user-contributed plugins exist.

minor feature: incorrect error messages when cells cannot find their template. a regression in assertCookieNotSet(). Added missing @deprecated annotations on methods on Email. Improve typehints on array properties. Loosened type checking in integer and decimal type classes. Both these types now allow whitespace, and commas to accept more number formats. IntegrationTestTrait now uses annotations for its setup/teardown logic. This removes the need for awkward method aliasing when using the trait. Console Arguments::getArgument() no longer raises a notice error on missing arguments. Console ConsoleIo::createFile() will now recursively create directories if necessary. This improves compatibility with Shell::createFile(). ADmad. Florian KrƤmer. Jeremy Harris. Mark Scherer. Mark Story. Tomas Saghy. saeideng.

MITL php framework web-mvc cakephp rails

BirdFont 2.25.0 šŸ’¾

BirdFont is a font editor which allows creating vector graphics and exporting them as TTF, EOT & SVG fonts. It simplifies glyph creation through a snap grid, or allows to trace them from background images.

minor feature: Drop Android build script . Resize tool. . Search in overview. . Partial copy and paste, needs more work. . Duplicated grid buttons. . Version 2.25.

GNU GPLv3 vala font-editor svg truetype vector-based

RTextDoc 2.2 šŸ’¾

RTextDoc is a structured text editor for typesetting. It supports AsciiDoc, DocBook and LaTeX for authoring notes, books, web pages, man pages, or websites and blogs. It provides instant grammar and spell checking, integrated dictionaries, WYSIWYG BibTeX equations, HTML from and to LaTeX conversion. It also includes a PDF output viewer, and can be used portably without installation.

major feature: Improved support for JDK9-JDK12. Updated groovy to version 2.6.4; Updated jruby to the latest release; Skip version check in the shell script;New install ignores some checks in preferences

GNU GPL java swing editor latex asciidoc docbook text-processing typesetting

psx 4.0.1 šŸ’¾

PSX is a framework written in PHP to create RESTful APIs. It provides tools to handle routing, API versioning, data transformation, authentication, documentation and testing. With PSX you can easily build an REST API around an existing application or create a new one from scratch.

minor feature: Add postgresql test case. Add abstract environment engine to use different webserver types. Removed test cases and use tests from the framework.

GNU GPLv3 php rest api framework oauth

XLSX I/O 0.2.21 šŸ’¾

Cross-platform C library for reading values from and writing values to .xlsx files. XLSX I/O aims to provide a C library for reading and writing .xlsx files. The .xlsx file format is the native format used by Microsoft(R) Excel(TM) since version 2007. The library was written with the following goals in mind: - primary focus on data values organized in tables, on not layout or graphics - written in standard C, but allows being used by C++ - simple interface - small footprint - portable across different platforms (Windows, *nix) - minimal dependancies: only depends on expat (only for reading) and libzip (which in turn depends on zlib) - separate library for reading and writing .xlsx files Also includes command line tools to convert between .xslx and CSV files.

minor feature: Changes to xlsxio_read.c for better Microsoft Visual C++ support. Added generation and installation of.def files when building with MinGW (can be used to generate Microsoft Visual C++.lib files). Added information about creating.lib files when using Microsoft Visual C++. Join_basepath_filename in xlsx_read.c to also support absolute paths (reported by Matthew James Briggs). Added CMake options to specify custom dependancy paths: ZLIB_DIR/MINIZIP_DIR/LIBZIP_DIR/EXPAT_DIR.

MITL excel xlsx c library c++ c library cross platform portable open source free ooxml database values read write

Univention Corporate Server 4.3-3 šŸ’¾

UCS is a reliable, pre-configured Linux server operating system. Its purpose is to provide Microsoft server-like services on the cloud (also for OpenStack and Amazon EC2 environments) or on-premise, to run and operate corporate IT environments with Windows- and Linux-based clients and to extend those environments with proven enterprise software via the Univention App Center in form of UCS-components or third-party products such as ownCloud or Open-Xchange. It features: Active Directory-like domain services compatible with Microsoft Active Directory. The included tool AD Takeover migrates a Microsoft Active Directory to UCS via Samba 4 and the tool AD Connection integrates a UCS domain in an AD domain or allows automatic sync between the AD and the OpenLDAP UCS is using. UCS also features a mature and easy-to-use web-based management system for user, rights and infrastructure management; a scalable underlying concept suited for single server scenarios but also to run and manage a host of clients and servers for a host of users within one single UCS domain; capabilities to manage Linux- and UNIX-based clients; command line, scripting interfaces and APIs for automatization and extension; user, group and rights administration; an integrated IP management (DNS, WINS, DHCP) and file and printer services. UCS is freely available as a Core Edition for commercial and private use. Maintenance services are extra. Download at: Or try the online demo!

minor feature: On December 11, 2018, UCS 4.3-3 was released. Release notes with all details at:

Affero GPLv3 it-infrastructure-management active-directory-migration domain-management cloud-management samba-4 app-center linux-distribution open-source

youtube-dl 2018.12.17 šŸ’¾

youtube-dl is a small command-line tool to download videos. While it originally and still is used for, it supports many other video hosters like Anitube, Appletrailers,, ARD, Arte, Blinkx, Bloomberg, CBS, clipfish, CollegeHumor, ComedyCentral, Discovery, dropbox, eHow, flickr, FranceTV, Google+, GorillaVid, Internet Video Archive, justintv, KhanAcademy, liveleak, MTV, MyVideo, NBC, Newstube, novamov Slideshare, SoundCloud, Southpark, Steam, SyFy, Veoh and Vimeo. It can save video MP4s and other provided formats or just extract audio tracks.

minor feature: ard:beta Improve geo restricted videos extraction. ard:beta subtitles extraction. ard:beta Improve extraction robustness. ard:beta Relax URL regular expression. acast Add support for and iprima Relax URL regular expression. vrv initial state extraction. youtube mark watched. safari Add support for youtube multifeed extraction. lecturio Improve subtitles extraction. uol format URL extraction. ard:mediathek Add support for

Public Domain python utility video

TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite) 27.1 šŸ’¾

TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite) is a lightweight server suite distributed as a live CD. It is designed for system administrators who need an extremely tiny and fast set of server software. The supported servers are: DNS, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, NFS, MySQL, SFTP, SMTP, SSH, and Telnet. A proxy server (Polipo with Tor) is also included. The main security components are the 4MLinux Firewall (based on iptables) and Clam AntiVirus. ISO images are fully compatible with UNetbootin, which can be used to create an easy-to-use TheSSS Live USB.

minor feature: This is a minor (point) release based on the 4MLinux Server 27.1, meaning that the components of the LAMP server are now: Linux 4.14.87, Apache 2.4.37, MariaDB 10.3.11, and PHP (both 5.6.39 and 7.2.13). You can update your TheSSS by executing the "zk update" command (fully automatic process).

GNU GPLv3 server 4mlinux