Pipe Viewer 1.8.10

pv ("Pipe Viewer"), a terminal-based tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline. It can be inserted into any normal pipeline between two processes to give a visual indication of how quickly data is passing through, how long it has taken, how near to completion it is, and an estimate of how long it will be until completion.

Tags cli terminal logging monitoring network c
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.8.1016 Jun 2024 20:25 minor feature: Feature: new "`--output`" option to write to a file instead of standard output (pull request supplied by xmort.
1.8.922 Apr 2024 12:32 minor bugfix: feature: new "--si" option to display and interpret size suffixes in multiples of 1000 rather than 1024 (pull request #85) supplied by kevinruddy fix: continue producing progress output when the output is blocking writes (#34, #86, #87) fix: honour the TMPDIR / TMP environment variables again, rather than hard-coding "/tmp", when using a terminal lock file (originally removed in 1.8.0) (#88) i18n: corrections and missing strings added to French translations (pull request #83) supplied by Thomas Bertels
1.7.114 Dec 2023 06:25 minor feature: DecNumberToString calls for a buffer that can hold a string of digits+14 Characters, not a buffer of size digits+14. We need to allocate an extra byte for the NUL byte. -10E-1000010001, for example, will be stringified as -1.0E-1000010000. And decNumberToString will currently write an extra NUL byte after the. Allocated buffer in the heap. Originally reported by @SEU-SSL on GitHub. Ref: https://.chromium.org/p/oss-fuzz//detail?id=64574. GHSA-686w-5m7m-54vc.
3.3.321 Oct 2023 11:45 minor feature: BracketedPaste support has been added; turns off AutoIndent when. Pasting text from the system clipboard.
1.4.406 Oct 2023 12:16 minor bugfix: * bug fixes
3.714 Aug 2023 03:16 minor feature: github: tagging of images for releass (non-semver) Signed-off-by: Joachim Wiberg lt;troglobit@gmail.com gt;.
4.5224 Apr 2023 19:49 minor bugfix: Makefile cleanup. Remove support for K R compilers and ancient systems. Mac OS: apfs filesystems with a mount point starting with /System/ are ignored by default. Fix debug output for env vars. DI_ARGS: print error and exit when encountering unknown data.
0.91.012 Jan 2023 20:04 minor feature: Expand Number(). Fix Form() regression.
3.3.228 Sep 2022 03:18 minor feature: Paste and PasteVert now set two bookmarks designated '' which are set to the start and end of the most recently pasted text. Accessed by the "GotoBookmark " commands. Two associated menu items have been added to the "Search" menu. Added toml.jsf syntax. Support '_' in numeric constants, binary and hex constants, imaginary numbers in go.jsf syntax. Now there is an uninstall target that uninstalls ne. Additionally load key bindings from /.ne/.keys- TERM .
1.0.0-alpha.121 Nov 2021 08:25 major feature: N/A, first release
4.5109 Nov 2021 03:27 minor feature: 4.51 (2021-11-8) Handle EPERM errors.
3.517 Oct 2021 00:01 minor feature: Support for Solaris/Illumos based UNIX systems tested on OmniOS and OpenIndiana, sync with Mg from OpenBSD 7.0.
3.3.118 May 2021 01:05 minor feature: The makefile has been made more distro friendly by making it possible to override all compiler and linker options. A workaround has been implemented to make --ansi (mostly) work when. Compiling with ncurses. A change to ncurses in 2012 made tgoto() not Working unless tgetent()/setupterm() are called first.
4.5004 May 2021 00:14 minor feature: 4.50 2021-4-5 JSON: Exclude extraneous format characters from the json output. JSON: Fix quoting around human-readable values. Totals: Support APFS filesystem. Mac OS: Put time machine filesystems on the ignore list. Linux: Put filesytems using 'tmpfs' or 'cgroup' as the device name on the ignore list. Solaris: Put filesystems using 'swap' as the device name on the ignore list.
4.4916 Mar 2021 17:36 minor feature: 4.49 2021-3-16 Added the -j (--json-output) option to output json data. Internal code cleanup. Jan 2021 22:52 minor bugfix: 2021-1-30 Update di.spec. Update mkconfig to version 2.6.3.
3.424 Aug 2020 07:05 minor feature: Support for building without termcap/terminfo/ncurses. This feature will be welcome for embedded systems, and others who cannot, or do not want to, bundle the complete ncurses. Support for opening.gz text files, as read-only. Support for C-h t to access the Mg tutorial. Support for C-h q to toggle *quick help buffer. New default key bindings for cursor movement, from GNU Emacs: C-up backward-paragraph C-down forward-paragraph C-left backward-word, also M-left C-right forward-word, also M-right C-PgUp beginning-of-buffer C-PgDn end-of-buffer . C-up backward-paragraph. C-down forward-paragraph. C-left backward-word, also M-left. C-right forward-word, also M-right. C-PgUp beginning-of-buffer. C-PgDn end-of-buffer. Sync with OpenBSD: Update all OpenBSD: id strings -Wshadow warnings. missing return value checks . Update all OpenBSD: id strings. -Wshadow warnings. missing return value checks. Modeline changes to mimic GNU Emacs Drop Mg:, similar to yur3i/mg/commit/@84ce23b Use space instead of dash - as separator, same as @yur3i Hard code std encoding and UNIX end-of-line mode Show (line,column) and place before buffer modes Upper case for each mode listed New display-time-mode, toggle current time in modeline . Drop Mg:, similar to yur3i/mg/commit/@84ce23b. Use space instead of dash - as separator, same as @yur3i. Hard code std encoding and UNIX end-of-line mode. Show (line,column) and place before buffer modes. Upper case for each mode listed. New display-time-mode, toggle current time in modeline. Enable column-number-mode by default. Add new internal mglog_misc() deAPI. Clear status line after killing/switching buffer by name, lingering prompt after said action. Rename Debian package: mg - mg2a, provides mg. Check return value from all fopen() calls in internal log API. Duplicate definitions of global variables in def.h, found by GCC-10. Patched by Ulrich Mueller of Gentoo, via OpenBSD and Han Boetes. Avoid NULL deref in regexec when searching f
3.3.024 Jul 2020 12:05 major documentation: You can now Save ( A) named documents from within the SelectDoc (F4) requester. The mark, if set, is visible. Warning about opening a document with the same name as an existing document now considers the fully qualified canonical path and name of each rather than just their basenames. Status bar Modified flag (*) may also be underlined, indicating the corresponding file's modification time has changed since the document was loaded or saved.
4.4805 Jun 2020 14:04 minor bugfix: 4.48 (2020-6-3) disable spurious compiler warnings. Various build fixes. make test no longer fails if perl is not present. Updated mkconfig to version 2.3.
4.47.323 Dec 2019 18:29 minor bugfix: 4.47.3 (2019-12-23) Fixed missing link flags for clang.
3.311 Dec 2019 20:49 major feature: Initial support for scheme-like scripting functionality to /.mg. Also included, lots of minor fixes.
4.47.230 Oct 2019 18:39 minor bugfix: 4.47.2 (2019-10-30) Minor makefile cleanup.
3.2.002 Oct 2019 03:45 major feature: Macros: They now work across multiple documents. You can cancel macro recording, and append new recorded commands to your current macro. New documents inherit their predecessor's current macro, search, and replace strings. Saving of read-only documents requires confirmation. Word completion now does not consider the word the cursor is currently in, which helps in disambiguating. The option -h is now an alias for --help. Thanks to Lonnie Abelbeck for implementing this feature. Add asterisk.jsf syntax. FIND in string inputs brings up a requester with your input history. Use Enter to replace, TAB to insert into your input line; Escape to exit. Enhanced commands: MoveEOW, NextWord, and PrevWord can now move to either end of the indicated word via optional '' parameter modifiers. Requesters make better use of white space.
4.47.126 Jun 2019 16:57 major bugfix: 4.47.1 (2019-6-25) Update mkconfig to version 2.1.1 (fixes build on 32-bit). Add configs/config.ms.cl (visual studio definitions).
1.4.120 Nov 2018 09:44 minor feature: * bug fixes * more efficient AVX2 gather codegen
3.1.207 Oct 2018 14:45 minor bugfix: RepeatLast now accepts "Find" or "Replace" after its optional number so. You can explicitly repeat either operation even if the other was most Recently performed. We now use the xenl property to detect whether we can write on the last. Column of the last line, thus making the status bar complete.
1.4.001 Oct 2018 15:33 minor feature: * Start of an upgrade path to std::experimental::simd * simdize improvements * simd_for_each improvements * sine cosine fixes
3.227 Aug 2018 06:25 minor feature: New function: toggle-newline-prompt. From ibara/mg@befd2cf. Continuous integration support, Travis-CI, for macOS 10.10. Support for Cygwin, tested on Windows 10. Verified support for DragonFly BSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD. Adopt Debian packaging and adapt to this project. Add example /.mg from Han Boetes' portable Mg project. missing futimens() on older UNIX or Linux distributions, in particular macOS 10.13, by Martin Kühl. From ibara/mg@4a4ac31. missing libutil.h detection on FreeBSD. missing LOGIN_NAME_MAX on macOS. missing st_mtim on macOS and NetBSD. missing FIONREAD on Cygwin. Silence compiler warning, uninitialized variable. From ibara/mg@f62f966.
4.4712 Aug 2018 15:36 major bugfix: 4.47 (2018-8-12) Fixed bugs located by scan.coverity.com. This should fix a numeric sort bug. Update mkconfig to version 2.0.0 and make changes to support it. Get perl extension build working again.
3.121 Jul 2018 22:11 major feature: Latest features and fixes from OpenBSD, as well as lots of stability fixes from static code analysis. May 2018 15:13 minor bugfix: stupid bug fixed. xc now installs the pam descriptions, not the executable.
1.5.120 May 2018 14:15 major bugfix: bugs fixed.
4.4612 Apr 2018 04:42 minor bugfix: 4.46 (2018-4-11) Tcl: Fix bad allocation. Tcl: Raise errors rather than exiting. Exit program when incorrect options are specified. Update mkconfig to version 1.31. Add missing mkconfig/runtests.sh.
4.4510 Apr 2018 11:52 minor bugfix: Fixed build configuration with modern libintl.h.
1.3.327 Nov 2017 15:57 minor bugfix: * Support for AVX2 gather instructions * Shift optimizations * Preliminary support for compiling to non-x86 targets (uses only the Scalar ABI) * Resolve failing static assertions, moving the relevant tests to unit tests * Fixed is_simd_vector and is_simd_mask traits to consider the ElementType too.
1.515 Oct 2017 21:18 minor feature: Better use of GNU standards. Internationalization. Using pam authentication framework. Removed ssu because it is unsafe. Added wtmp option. Added nb in li.
1.408 Aug 2017 22:15 minor feature: Color display. Added option field Li now admits shortcuts
1.311 Jun 2017 14:56 minor feature: fixed a bug in xc. added services and protocols to li
4.4408 Jun 2017 04:59 minor bugfix: (a) Fixed check of exabyte sized filesystems. The signed check now only checks for -1 and -2; there could still be situations where the overflow exactly matches these values. (b) Added faster method for windows check for missing removable filesystems.
1.3.203 May 2017 12:46 minor bugfix: * Resolve warnings from GCC 6 about ignored attributes. * Support for Kaby Lake detection.
1.3.109 Mar 2017 14:00 minor bugfix: * `swap(v i , v j )` did not compile. Vc 1.3.1 overloads the `swap` function and thus enables swapping scalars into/out of vector and mask objects. * The spline example has moved to the new Vc-examples-nonfree repository since it has a license that restricts redistribution.
1.3.028 Oct 2016 13:31 major bugfix: * 64-bit MS VisualStudio 2015 support. (See #119 for some of the gory details.) * ICC 17 support (#143). * GCC 6 support (#125). * Workarounds for bad ICC code-gen (#135). Now Vc not only works correctly when compiled with ICC, but also performs as good (or better) as GCC and Clang. * Safer and more restrictive subscripting on `Vector` and `Mask`. There is a minor source compatibility break involved, since `Vector::operator ` returned lvalue references before Vc 1.3 and returns a smart reference (rvalue) now. This change reduces the chance of miscompilation internal compiler errors and reduces the reliance on non-standard C++ extensions. * Support for `x32` compilation (like x86_64 but with 32-bit pointers). * Added scatter interface to `SimdArray` (thanks to Kay Jahnke). * `simd_cast` properly works with ADL now (i.e. you don't have to write fully qualified `Vc::simd_cast` anymore). * Added `simd_for_each_n` (thanks to Hartmut Kaiser).
3.019 Jun 2015 12:25 feature: ne is now fully 64-bit, and needs to be compiled by a C99-compliant compiler. Files can be of any size, provided that enough core memory is available. ne is able to read from named pipes. You can even pipe content into ne: it will be opened as the first document. It is now possible to interrupt searches (it used to be possible just to interrupt global replace actions). Word wrap has been reverted to pre-2.5: it preserves just whitespace, and it doesn't reparagraph at each line split or join. Paragraph keeps the usual smart features preserving comments, etc.
2.621 Apr 2015 06:05 major feature: Requesters (filenames, help, autocompletions, etc.) do progressive "fuzzy match" by typed characters, backspace. Document requester (F4) opens with cursor on the current document. Docs with unsaved changes are bold, flagged with "". F2/F3 reorder documents. Tab in Syntax command displays requester of extant syntax recognizers. You can now use AutoComplete in command line prompts. New SaveAll command saves all modified documents. Warns before saving over a file that was modified since the buffer was last loaded or saved. New command to join parens/braces/brackets as character pairs known to MatchBracket. New example macros: aspell, DeleteSOL. Add to special leading characters for re-wrapping Paragraphs. WordWrap no longer waits for the cursor to hit the right margin; it wraps on insertions and deletions now. Updates to ruby, erb, python, conf, many other syntax recognizers. Added these recognizers from the Joe project: ant batch classic_pascal comment_todo csharp debian differences elixir erlang git-commit go haml htmlerb ini iptables js json md powershell pp prolog properties sieve typescript whitespace YAML.