AppFS 1.6

AppFS is a FUSE-based filesystem that presents a filesystem view of remote packages presented via HTTP for the purpose of running software without the hassle of installing it. Instead, as files are requested they are downloaded and made available.

Tags packaging filesystem c tcl daemon linux system-administrators
License MITL
State initial

Recent Releases

1.620 Mar 2015 16:39 minor feature: Added support for setuid root files, as well as removing world and group read, write, and execute bits from certain files.
1.429 Dec 2014 04:45 minor feature: Updated to support more mount options, added a man page, and added "mount.appfs"
1.224 Nov 2014 17:21 minor feature: Updated to support more mount options and fix minor bugs.
1.018 Nov 2014 02:56 minor feature: Initial public release.