Calendar Lock PEA 1.5

Calendar Lock PEA displays password encrypted iCalendar compatible calendars in monthly, weekly and daily view with optional cloud connection. The calendars are always encrypted on the device or in the cloud. iCalendars from other applications can be imported.

Tags security cryptography java cross-plattform end-users calendar cloud
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.520 Dec 2021 10:33 major feature: - Simple task manager to organize todos (iCalendars VTODO) beside the calendar - Changing and installing languages. Different language can be installed subsequently, additional languages: TK, ES, FR, RU - Setting of algorithms and parameters in one dialog - Several minor bugfixes, performance and GUI improvements
1.408 Sep 2021 10:05 major feature: - Key files can be added as a second security factor to the password. - Parameters of the key derivation function can be adjusted to own devices and different security needs. - Option to automatically check for updates. This also takes minor updates into account. - Setting of events improved - Website (URL) property of events - Minor Bugfixes
1.329 May 2021 09:51 major feature: - Libraries for cloud support were replaced (sardine, apache libraries...). Thanks to this, the program runs now with Java 8 until Java 15 and probably further versions - You can choose algorithms: Catena or Argon2 as KDF, Threefish or AES-256 as cipher, Blake2b or SHA-3 as hash - Search function: Search for strings in calendars - Graphical user interface and accessibility - Several minor bugfixes - Small usability improvements
1.224 Jun 2020 08:49 major feature: - Location of event as defined in RFC 5545 - Hide and show calendars - Authorize only once to a cloud provider (performance) - Cloud files are no longer selected per default - Manage remembered cloud files: add to/remove from properties - Bugfix: merging calendars and saving in cloud - Bugfix: remembering cloud parameters - Several minor bugfixes and GUI changes
1.113 Apr 2020 09:17 major feature: - Cloud connection with WebDAV protocol to Nextcloud, Owncloud an others - optionally one file per calendar or one file for all calendars - performance improvement - minor bug fixes
1.028 Mar 2019 09:32 minor bugfix: - Several bugfixes - Usability: Property settings (background color, font size...) - Accessibility expanded - GUI: Small modifications
0.406 Feb 2019 08:04 minor feature: - Week view - Status property - Recurrence rule extended (BYDAY, INTERVAL, RDATE, EXDATE) - Character encoding as described in RFC 6868 - Minor bug fixes
0.329 Dec 2018 14:54 minor feature: - Day view - Event info window instead of tool tips to show events - Priority of events: red border signals the priority of the event - Event setting starts with time depending on mouse click location - Minor modification in appearance and minor bug fixes
0.223 Nov 2018 17:30 minor feature: - date picker to set the date of events - recurring events with end date and repetitions - merging of two calendars - bug fixes and improved usability
0.130 Oct 2018 12:27 minor feature: