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CDollar is a Programming Language with JAVA OOPS, Behave like C/C++ OOPS, Networking, RUN and compile at same time,used in Software Development and cloud computing , Research, and ,have Advanced OOPs concepts. CDollar first name is "OLIVE Technology" in year 2002 which represents OLIVE TREE . Olive Technology is renamed as CDOLLAR in year 2014. It is used in case of Graphics , Billing,Forms ,Constructing Datastructures quickly , Reports, creating libraries for J$ program , used in solving complex problems.

Tags programming-language c++ jvm software-development
License GNU GPL
State stable

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.103 Feb 2016 07:39 major feature: Easy to Develop,RUN and compile at same time,used in Software Development ,and cloud computing , Research, and ,have Advanced OOPs,,Easy to Learn and focus. CDOLLAR ADVANTAGES ------------------- A) CDollar is the combination of JAVA , C/C++, and Advanced OOPS. b) CDollar will only accept the shortest attractive syntax. c) CDollar also used for construction of any datastructures. d) CDollar helps the developers to provide inheritance by not using extends keyword and call the class in main program. e) CDOLLAR Solves diamond Problem with multiple Inheritance. f) It also supports friendly function, pointers , and structures. g) CDollar support Virtual memmory and garbage collection. h) It is efficient, fast and easy to understand, and it is a OOPS Technology. i) CDollar is a High level language. j) CDollar is highly portable language k) Using CDollar you can create any datastructures as libraries anduse it in your Application program. l) CDollar language is a structured and object programming language. m) CDollar has OOPS concepts like JAVA. n) CDollar have the concept of Packages,etc. o) CDollar have the concept of constructor or destructor and had magic oops concepts. p) It Support functions with Default Arguments q) It Supports Exception handling r) It Support Generic Programming s) It have pointer and Nodes.. t) CDollar is much simpler oops concepts, which leads to faster development and less mental overhead. u) CDollar is almost always explicitly compiled w) CDollar is easy to learn. CDollar was designed to be easy to use and is therefore easy to write, compile, debug, and learn than other programming languages. and Many more....