CH$ is a programming language invented by wilmix jemin j in GDollar technology. It is used in remote web application.. Advantages: ----------- a) It Behaves like CDollar and GDollar. ie) It have CDollar and GDollar Advantages and it behaves like JSTAR technology b) it is used with C#,C/C++ and JAVA7(OAKjava) c) It is also used in WEB OS and compiler construction. d) CH$ is the main reason for the birth of JDollar Technology.

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License MITL
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1.0.122 Mar 2017 11:12 major feature: A) CHDollar is the combination of JAVA , C/C++, and Advanced OOPS. b) CHDollar will only accept the shortest attractive syntax. c) CHDollar also used for construction of any datastructures. d) CHDollar helps the developers to provide inheritance by not using extends keyword and call the class in main program when use in linux. e) it is easy to focus ,learn and use. f) It also supports friendly function, pointers , and structures. g) CHDollar support Virtual memmory and garbage collection. h) It is efficient, fast and easy to understand, and it is a OOPS Technology. i) CHDollar is a High level language. j) CHDollar is highly portable language k) Using CHDollar you can create any datastructures as libraries and use it in your Application program. l) CHDollar language is a structured and object programming language. m) CHDollar has OOPS concepts like JAVA and etc