DailyCashManager 1.3.0

A desktop application for individuals and households to keep a record of their financial transactions, and manage their finances using envelope budgeting.

Tags desktop financial accounting c++ windows linux end-users
License Apache
State stable

Recent Releases

1.3.015 Sep 2015 01:25 minor feature: Default type for new envelopes is now expense, not revenue. Where budget items were not reset to previous value after cancelling and then Reopening dialog. (Even though cancelled changes were not actually saved, they were still reappearing in The dialog when reopened.). Minor improvements to user guide. Minor code tidy-ups.
1.2.017 Jun 2015 10:49 minor feature: - Completely new layout for user guide: now on a single page to facilitate easy printing and search, with sidebar navigation on wide screens, and mobile-friendly layout with expanding / collapsing sections for narrow screens. - Warn user if they set the sign (positive or negative) of an account opening balance to an abnormal direction for the given account type. - In account / envelope editing dialog, enable multiple budget items to be selected for removal, rather than only the last one. - In setup wizard, enable multiple accounts / envelopes to be selected for removal, rather than only the last one. - Ensure account and envelope lists retain their scrolled position after a transaction or other event occurs that requires them to be updated. (Previously the lists would jump back to the top position each time.) - Fix issue with Enter key not activating some buttons on Windows. - Ensure focus always returns to account type control at top left of transaction panel, after a transaction is saved, deleted or cancelled. - Fix "make package" build command not working on some Linux distributions. - Minor code fixes and tidy-ups.