Dillo 3.0.5

Dillo is a small and speed-oriented web browser. It's implemented in C, C++ using the FLTK gui toolkit. It implements a custom HTML and CSS rendering engine for low resource usage. Functionality-wise it targets end-users and web developers.

Tags c c++ web browser html rendering-engine cross-platform
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

3.0.501 Jul 2015 09:25 minor feature: +- Image buffer/cache improvements. - Fix for segfault when there's no dpid and view source is requested. - Fix view-source dpi to handle null characters correctly. - Made view-source dpi use CSS formatting (it's shorter and cleaner). Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid. +- Crosscompile/buildroot-friendly fltk-config test. Patch: Peter Seiderer. +- Fix X11 icon name. - In location bar, tend toward showing beginning of URL instead of end. - Handle irix's version of vsnprintf(). - INPUT, TEXTAREA placeholder attribute. - Better notification when user's domainrc settings block page redirection. - Fix bug with font_factor preference and CSS font-size:(larger smaller). - Recognize Menu key in keysrc. - HTTPS: change cipher list to "ALL:!aNULL:!eNULL:!LOW:!EXPORT40:!RC4", disable SSL3, disable TLS compression. Patches: corvid. +- Avoid requesting background images if an ancestor has display:none. - Ignore built-in search url if any are specified in dillorc. Patches: Johannes Hofmann. Dec 2014 19:45 minor bugfix: Avoid a corner case segfault when no search URL is found in dillorc. Fix linking problem with fltk-1.3.3 and fl_oldfocus. Don't follow redirections or meta refresh in --local mode. Don't load background images in --local mode. Make sure window is resizable with fltk-1.3.3. Remove Fl_Printer stub that always gave problems compiling under OSX.