Dowse 0.9

Dowse is a transparent proxy facilitating the awareness of ingoing and outgoing connections, from, to, and within a local area network. Dowse provides a central point of soft control for all local traffic: from ARP traffic (layer 2) to TCP/IP (layers 3 and 4) as well as application space, by chaining a firewall setup to a trasparent proxy setup. A core feature for Dowse is that of hiding all the complexity of such a setup.

Tags communication adaptive-technologies dns log-analysis session human-machine-interfaces visualization cryptography firewalls networking
License GNU GPLv3
State beta

Recent Releases

0.910 May 2016 16:43 major feature: The internal messaging system is now relying on Redis as a core component for Dowse. Kore is adopted as web interface, Pendulum is added as a process to monitor the presence of things on LAN, Netdata is adopted as status graph dashboard. Events can be exported to OSC. Developers documentation is complete. This stage of development has been kindly supported by NLNET and SIDNfonds and is used as a base for experimentation at the Live Performers Meeting 2016.
0.705 Jun 2015 06:34 minor feature: The workflow has been refactored to function as interactive sourced extension to the running shell. is adopted as k/v communication hub for LAN and WAN networking over GOSSIP. The module format has been reviewed for better identification. Services, modules and things discovered are registered on Consul. Zuper is adopted for internal functions and RESTful communication.
0.610 Mar 2015 17:17 minor feature: # 0.5 ## June 2014 ### Module enhancements, whitepaper and code cleanup The start/stop is now working faster, new safer iptables rules have been added and overall the code has been reorganized. The squid/privoxy functionality has been made into a module, preserving only firewalling and dnsmasq as the core functionalities of Dowse. The whitepaper is published along the code now, including all contributions gathered so far. Dowse project applies for CHEST funding. # 0.4 ## January 2014 ### Network model refactoring and module system The need for a bridge interface was removed: now Dowse works just on a single physical interface. Ebtables is adopted for layer 2 mac address filtering against arp spoofing. A module system is in place now to activate / deactivate features. The first module supports dnscrypt-proxy to protect all DNS traffic. # 0.3 ### Tor integration and proxy performance fixes Testing, code refactoring and stability fixes Squid has been tuned to use reasonable amounts of RAM Tor is now configured and started. # 0.2 ### Renaming and documentation Several checks for smooth deployement on Debian 7 Renamed to "dowse" - local area network rabdomancy # 0.1 ### Initial release Versioning the set of scripts used to build and administer my home network Working name: ghettobox (from an old thread on the hackmeeting mailinglist)