Drawj2d 0.9.5

Drawj2d creates technical line drawings using a descriptive language. It writes pdf, svg, eps and emf vector graphics or png images. It runs on all platforms that run Java. It is inspired by Asymptote but with a tcl-like syntax and 2D only.

Tags graphics-conversion vector-based visualization java console cross-platform end-users
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

0.9.529 Nov 2017 11:45 minor feature: This release adds commands to hatch shapes. Changes: - new command hatch - new commands hatchpolygon, hatchrectangle, hatchbox, hatchrod - new commands hatchcircle, hatchellipse, hatchsegment, hatchsector - new command geom.topolygon - command block enhanced: blocks encapsulate force unitlength.
0.9.406 Nov 2017 07:25 minor feature: This release works on Java 9 (in addition to JRE 7 and JRE 8). Changes: - new command geom.intersectcircles - fix command dxf: text rotation - remove depreciated command names - library updates: pdfrenderer, evalex - java 9 compatibility
0.9.324 Sep 2017 16:25 minor feature: This is a maintenance release. It improves the dxf CAD-file import. Changes: - command dxf enhanced: exclude layers, support for inserts (blocks), better text - command stat.moment enhanced - command label enhanced: directions `BW`, `BC` (baseline west, center) - output format bgd supports image command
0.9.228 Aug 2017 16:05 minor feature: This release enhances the image command for importing pdf files. It also improves the math expression evaluator. Changes: - command image enhanced: reads pdf files. - command expr enhanced: unary minus. E.g. ` expr -sqrt(3) ` - new command geom.half (½) - command p now shortcut for geom.polar
0.9.106 Aug 2017 11:25 minor feature: This release improves typesetting quality. Changes: - typesetting of characters with diacritics (umlaut, accent) - command font enhanced: font size as float value, 0.1mm steps - library update: JLaTeXMath (release 1.0.6)
0.9.010 Jul 2017 13:25 major feature: This release adds a command for importing dxf CAD-files. By default all visible layers will be drawn but the import can be restricted to named layers. Changes: - new command dxf - new output file type bgd. Background drawing for Fachwerk (http://fachwerk.sourceforge.net). - fix tikz output: circles, cubic paths, text. Add quadcurve. - command label enhanced: direction `BLC` (baseline continue)
0.8.522 Apr 2017 14:45 minor feature: This release lets you read data from an external file. Changes: - commands open (file) and file.readable added. Subcommands: (file) read, readln, hasnext. - command atan2 added - command expr enhanced: atan2 - command pen enhanced: more colours
0.8.415 Mar 2017 06:45 minor feature: This is a maintenance release. Changes: - new command today - fix svg output: always use UTF-8 encoding for header info.
0.8.308 Jan 2017 20:25 minor feature: This is a maintenance release. Changes: - svg output: default resolution changed (from 90dpi) to 96dpi - fix command point: diameter set to 1.4 x linewidth, as specified in the manual. The change also affects command dimangle for right angles.
0.8.208 Nov 2016 06:45 minor feature: This release introduces blocks. The feature eases inserting part drawings from a library. A block can be rotated without influencing the main coordinate system. Changes: - new commands for inserts: block, endblock, block.rotate, block.flip, block.scale - new command geom.azimuth - new command opacity. Output modes screen and png only. - command text: style name `block` removed (use `justify` instead)
0.8.112 Sep 2016 14:05 minor feature: This release adds a command for importing images. Scanned drawings can easily be imported to the right scale. Changes: - new command image - command unitlength enhanced: introduce natural unit. E.g. `unitlength expr 1/50 m` - operator * = (almost equal) modified: increased tolerance
0.8.008 Aug 2016 11:05 major feature: This release adds a preview window. The drawing is displayed directly to the screen. The viewer window can stay open while editing the input file in an editor. Pressing F5 will actualise the drawing. Changes: - new output type screen: `drawj2d -Tscreen drawing.hcl` opens a preview window. - command pen enhanced: new colour darkorange
0.7.209 May 2016 18:05 minor feature: This release lets you write text paragraphs on the drawing. Words are wrapped automatically. Changes: - command text added. Styles: `left` or `justify` - command font enhanced: styles `plain`, `bold` and `italic` - commands label and texlabel enhanced: direction `BL` (baseline).
0.7.110 Nov 2015 10:05 minor feature: This release improves the math expression evaluator. Changes: - command expr enhanced: max and min functions take variable number of arguments. E.g. ` expr max(0, 2.0, 4.0, 2.3) ` - command expr enhanced: scientific notation. E.g. "`1.2e-5`" - command assert enhanced: approximately equal comparison. E.g. `assert " a = b"` - command expr enhanced: precision increased to 16 digits - command expr enhanced: new function exp(n) for e n - command expr enhanced: expression validation improved
0.7.020 Oct 2015 00:05 major feature: This release adds commands for drawing ellipses and other shapes. Changes: - new commands ellipse and fillellipse - new commands segment and fillsegment - new commands sector and fillsector - new command fillbox - documentation: section about shapes in function reference
0.6.506 Sep 2015 13:25 minor feature: This release brings general unicode support. Thus greek letters are permitted in variable names. Changes: - permit unicode chars in variable names (core hecl) - print line number when parsing error occurs (core hecl) - math expression evaluator updated - provide drawj2d syntax highlighting for editor jedit
0.6.402 Aug 2015 02:05 minor feature: This release improves Mavscript interoperability, supporting unicode characters (greek letters, etc) in labels. Changes: - new commands min, max - command geom.vector enhanced - commands label and texlabel enhanced: escaped unicode chars (e.g. "escu00b7" for the unicode char U+00B7) as internally used by mavscript-yacas - svg metadata: creator set to Drawj2d
0.6.304 May 2015 00:25 minor feature: This release adds a convenient method to draw rectangles and adds more examples to the function reference. Changes: - new commands rod, fillrod - new commands movepolar, linepolar - new command geom.polar - commands label and texlabel enhanced: new parameter C (center) - command point: abbreviation pt, p depreciated - pdf metadata: creator set to Drawj2d - documentation: more examples
0.6.202 Apr 2015 07:05 minor feature: This release adds some convenience methods for shorter code. - new command linemid - new commands movetox, movetoy - new commands linetox, linetoy - new commands geom.tox, geom.toy
0.6.112 Nov 2014 03:16 minor feature: **This release adds support for custom colours and adds more examples to the function reference.** Changes: - command *pen* enhanced to accept any colour by rgb hex values. Brown colour defined. - new command *stat.tip* - command *geom.distance* enhanced - command *fillrect* enhanced - commands *geom.angle*/*anglerad* enhanced - command *dot* modified: larger that point. - new command shortcuts *geom.v*, *geom.abs*, *geom.dist*, *stat.dist* - commands *force*/*force2* modified: not drawing if the abs force value is zero. - commands *label*/*texlabel* enhanced. - fix command *texdimlinerel*: typesetting issue - documentation: more examples
0.6.003 Nov 2014 22:23 major feature: This release adds statics commands and TeX typesetting enhancements.
0.5.216 Oct 2014 22:07 major feature: This release adds drawing commands for quadratic and cubic parabolas.
0.5.109 Oct 2014 22:15 minor feature: This release adds geometry commands.
0.5.005 Oct 2014 02:16 major feature: This release implements support for TeX formatted labels (based on JLaTeXMath) and adds geometry commands.
0.4.016 Sep 2014 00:43 major feature: This is the initial public release. Drawj2d currently supports lines, points, circles, arcs, arrows, dimension lines and labels. Font, colour, line width and line type (solid, dotted, dashdotted) can be set.