Fbi IMproved 0.5-rc2

FIM is a lightweight universal image viewer, mostly for Linux. It is highly customizable and scriptable, and for users who are comfortable with software like the VIM text editor or the Mutt mail user agent. You can control it using the keyboard. FIM can open many file formats (even using converters) and it can display pictures graphically, with the Linux framebuffer or under X/Xorg, or in a terminal as ASCII Art renderings.

Tags 2d graphics image framebuffer cli command-line console bsd linux sdl png jpg tiff pcx bmp regex mutt vim shell ascii-art exif
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

0.5-rc206 Mar 2016 14:15 minor bugfix: This is a bugfix release. The user-visible changes are: configure will autodetect and turn aalib on by default; will emit more precise diagnostics on unsupported device string; adjusted man pages for roff cleanliness; typos fixed in the documentation.
0.5-rc131 Jan 2016 08:55 minor bugfix: This is a bugfix release. The user-visible changes are: fix: corrected the quiet mode (-q) to be quieter; fix: enabled concurrent make (parallel builds), e.g.: make -j 4; bug workaround: had no console scroll if no command executed on PostInteractiveCommand; fix: some systems don't have sys_errlist: using strerror (won't break build); fix: no zlib.h build time dependency (this will be reintroduced in the future).
0.5-rc018 Jan 2016 12:41 major feature: display of per-image description text, which can be loaded from a text file via the --load-image-descriptions-file switch; per-image-group properties/tagging syntax for the description file; search on file name and image descriptions text with '/' and '?'; status line and SDL window caption customizable with expandos; load from directories recursively with -R / --recursive; EXIF based orientation (rotation) support; EXIF tags loading into variables usable e.g. in the status line; 'limit' command to filter the displayed images list on e.g. filename, description, EXIF value or other; faster image scaling with mipmaps; jump back and forth between two images remembering alignment/scaling; resize the SDL window to image size with 'W' / --autowindow; new formats support: JPEG-2000 (via JasPer) + PCX (native); open a file at an offset (experimental); open files in CBZ,CBR,RAR,TAR,TGZ,TBZ,7Z,ISO,... archives (experimental, via libarchive)