freeDataMap 2.1

Unchain your data ! The combination of both graphic map and classic charts, leads to a complete and interactive dashboard for rapid information access. FreeDatamap provides a unique way to browse any kind of data. FreeDatamap helps turning flat and boring sheets of data into a unique visual compelling dashboard. At the crossroads of mind-mapping and business-intelligence: FreeDatamap delivers a fast and visually attractive user interface that runs on any support: computers, tablets or phones. FreeDatamap gives awareness and control on all the data you need for your day to day business. From a unique root node, you can browse and aggregate thousands of information and bring this complex topology of data into the hands of people in a simplified way that enables them to take the best decision within minutes instead of days without. • Find your way in an overwhelming amount of information. • Visualize your data in a centralized trusted map. • Display your business process across your organization. • Navigate into the map and drill down to find the root cause of an indicator. • Find any atomic data thanks to a powerful and immediate search engine. • Reduce time to make fact based decisions.

Tags visualization business intelligence big data mind mapping dashboard analytics saas web app ios android
License MITL
State stable

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2.107 Aug 2015 16:22 minor feature: