Galaxy Forces V2 1.85

Galaxy Forces V2 is a classic 2D side-scrolling game inspired by Gravity Forces on Amiga. It allows up to 8 players, involves shooting enemy space ships and either transporting cargo, point races against opponents, or shoot-everything scoring. There are 50 official levels and a map editor, and it runs on Linux, Windows and Mac.

Tags game side-scrolling spaceships shooter opengl c++ dart
License Public Domain
State stable

Recent Releases

1.8509 Jun 2016 21:23 minor feature: 1. Changed music from .mp3 to .ogg (free format) 2. Fixed possible sound glitch when stopping enginesound 3. Fixed white screen after window minimized/restored 4. Web: panning sound working 5. Keypad arrows working in linux 6. Editor: crash fix, save in read only directory caused crash 7. Editor: fixed save of uninitialized gravity and resistance 8. Editor: added ExtendMap command (ctrl+home/end/pgup/pgdn)
1.8224 Sep 2014 21:37 minor bugfix: Bugfixes in old AI, pathfinding, and removed extra waypoints for a cleaner path in race. Fixed graph draw bug on resize during game (visible on mac).