Glaxnimate 0.5.3

Glaxnimate is a vector graphics animation program which focuses on being quick and easy to use. It's designed to work well with short animations to show on the web, supporting several common web formats like GIF, WebP, Lottie, SVG, and others.

Tags vector-based graphics-conversion viewer conversion display python-module user-interfaces c++ python macos-x x11 win32 c++ macos windows
License GNU GPLv3
State beta

Recent Releases

0.5.326 Jun 2023 12:05 minor feature:
0.3.122 Nov 2020 21:50 minor feature: * Editing: * Menu action to convert any shape into a Path * Removing keyframes will preserve easing across the affected keyframes * Fill tool * The context menu for bezier handles now shows property actions * Bezier tangent handles are only shown for the selected nodes * I/O: * Support for SVG SMIL animations * Browser SVG preview * Browser Lottie canvas preview * Video export, supporting most video formats that ffmpeg supports * UI: * Added a theme style selector * Bug Fixes: * Removed spurious warnings when loading lottie * Bezier data is loaded correctly from lottie * Fixed layer parenting when loading lottie * Rounded rectangles are correctly exported to SVG * Duplicating shapes selects the new shape and places it on top of the original * Keyframes added on newly created objects are on the right frame * OK/Cancel buttons in the Trace Bitmap dialog now react to user input * When the selected object is deleted, the timeline and property views are cleared * Adding keyframes preserves linear/hold easing * SVG scale() is parsed correctly * Resize dialog spin boxes update correctly when ratio is locked