Goozzee 2.1

Goozzee allows you to easily create, browse and share knowledge bases & documentation repositories, using topic maps. The GUI is written in C++ (using wxWidgets for easier cross-platform portability), and data is saved in a mysql relational database. Goozzee can be used in single-user mode, using the included Mysql embedded database. In multi-user mode, Goozzee uses a mysql or MariaDB server to store its data. Use this software to store notes, files of any type - even very large ones -; create links between your notes and files, and browse through your knowledge base by following these links, or simply search using the fast and powerful full text search engine.

Tags documentation cocoa gtk win32 c++ macos linux end-users knowledge management topicmaps
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

2.102 May 2017 18:44 major feature: Here is the detailed list of modifications : * All platforms : x - Properties can now have a type : string, number, range of numbers, date, list of choices. This might be the main feature of this release. - Each user now has a homepage. The Homepage is a special topic that belongs to the user, and is an instance of the Users class. - The search history of the user is now saved, and restored when the program starts. - When creating a new Goozzee database, the initialisation of the database is now done right from the configuration screen. No need to manually run a shell script anymore. - Network Edition : when creating a user, the initial sizes and positions of the winows were not ''optimal''. Now it's much better. - One could drop a document into a read-only topic. Fixed. - In the actions proposed in the contextual menu of documents, security was completely screwed. Fixed. - Properties : - There was a bug in properties management that duplicated properties when the default value was forced. Fixed. - In some cases (when forcing a default value for example), all properties were written in the database, even those purely inherited. Fixed. - Corrected a buggy sort, when all properties of a topic were inherited. - Ontology editor : - When properties are modified in a class, if this class is displayed in the main window, the mainwindow is now updated. - In the ontology editor the first property of a category was not inheritable. Fixed. - "Create subclass" was not working anymore : it was opening the selected class in the main window instead. Fixed. - There was a bug in the display if inherited properties, when a default value was forced in the parent class of the selected class. Fixed. ... ...
2.002 Dec 2016 12:20 major feature: Redesign of the search dialog : - the checkboxes have disappeared. Goozzee now searching sumiltaneously in topics, documents and properties. - better auto-selection of the tab that contains results - it's now possible to enter complex search formulas with AND, OR and NOT. See the documentation for the syntax of these searches. - the last 50 searches are now kept in memory for fast reuse - the size of the search window is now correctly restores at startup - improvement of the ontology editor : - after renaming a role or a class, the list wasn't sorted anymore - fixed a layout problem when modifying a constraint - when modifications have been done but not saved, a warning appears if one tries to quit the program. - it's now possible to delete roles and scopes from the ontology editor - in the list of classes, the number of subclasses/instances is displayed alongside each class name. - when right-clicking a class, the contextual menu now proposes to open this class in the main window. - an option was added in the preference window to activate / deactivate "full text" searches. People who do not use latin charset must deacivate "Full text" searches. - Better UTF-8 support : in the last releases, non-latin charsets support was broken. The whole code has now been reviewed to fix this issue. - when creating a role from the association window, this new role apeared twice in the list of roles. Fixed. - when creating a new scope from the scopes list, 0 appeared at the end of the new scope's name. Fixed. - in the list of documents, the contextual menu proposed to save URLs. This option has been removed. - cleanup of the Select statements to the database. - the database tables have been modified to allow for future features.... ;-) * Linux specific : - the size of the login dialog should now be ok, whatever the linux distribution.
1.702 Aug 2016 10:22 minor feature: The user manual, that used to be a PDF file, is now replaced by html pages. These pages are accessed by hitting the F1 key. This is a contextual help, meaning that depending on where you are in Goozzee, F1 will open a help page corresponding to the action you're about to do. If you're new to Goozzee, please take some time to read these pages. The first chapters should give you a good overview of what Goozzee can be used for. One feature that was mising in the text editor : searching. This is now possible, using the search control at the right hand of the text editor's toolbar. F3 will search for the next occurrence, and SHIFT+F3 for the previous one. A few crashes have been fixed too, and the source code got a serious cleaning. Please check the ReleaseNotes file for a detailed list of all modifications.
1.602 Feb 2016 11:32 minor feature: Here are the release notes of Goozzee 1.6 Large parts of the code managing the properties have been rewritten, and should be more user friendly to use and less buggy : You can now use shortcuts (Shift+Enter and Ctrl+Shift+Enter) to rapidly add properties or categories The size of the cells now adapts automatically to their contents Properties now also appear in the Ontology Editor, so that you can define the default properties associated to a class The Ontology Editor has been improved too, especially for managing constraints, and some crashing bugs have been corrected. There is still lots to be done on this editor, but it's getting better release after release.. :-) And a few bug corrections and code cleanings... This release doesn't bring any modification in the database layout. So you just have to install the new client and it will fly. Make sure you read the Release Notes for a detailed list of the new features and bug corrections.
1.517 Nov 2015 16:51 minor feature: Here are the release notes of Goozzee 1.5. This release doesn't bring many new features, apart from the use of automake/autoconf for building on Linux. And some bug fixing, code cleanup, and feature improvements...... Here is the detailed list of modifications : * All platforms : - In the ontology editor, - Constraints were only visible to the administrator user. - One had to first select a class before right--cicking it, otherwise the contextual menu was not correct - prevent from renaming the basic topics (the ones necessary to Goozzee internals) - Personal Edition : - Association types, roles and scope were still visible - fixed a possible crash when leaving "designer mode" - at program startup, check the database for corruptions, and if any, propose to clear them. - Configuration dialog : disabled the delete button when there's nothing to delete - when creating an association between two topic, if multiple constraints can apply, clearly propose all the possible roles. - fixed a bug that, with a little trick, allowed the deletion of topics such as Root, Classes, or even the Trashcan itself. - a document could not be checked out right after upload. Fixed. - when pressing escape while renaming a document, the document name was sometimes duplicated to the next document. Fixed. - Code cleanup : - cleanup of all the printfs (following a compile error due to some new compilation option) - all the security functions related to Network Edition are not anymore compiled into Personal Edition. * Windows specific : None * Linux specific : The buid process now uses automake / autoconf, so that it should be easier to compile Goozzee on most Linux distros.
1.401 Oct 2015 19:42 minor bugfix: Here are the release notes of Goozzee 1.4. This is mainly a bugfix release that fixes a few annoyances and crashes, here and there. And this is the detailed list of modification : * All platforms : - the source code is now located in the src subdirectory, instead of the main directory. - In the documents list, when selecting multiple documents and right-clicking, do not propose to modify the scope : it's not supported for multiple documents. - After renaming a document, the update date wasn't not modified. Fixed. - In Goozzee Personnel Edition, do not display multi-user specfic columns (author, locked by, locked since) - Code cleanup in the GenerateTimestamp function - Fixed a crash when creating a role in the ontology editor - Do not display anymore the "Weird association" warning, when linking two topics for which no constraint exists. It was useless and annoying. - In the ontology editor, * improved the display when creating roles and scopes. * pressing escape while editing a role or a scope now cancels properly the operation. * Windows specific : - In the Ontology Editor, * fixed a bug that crashed the program when creating a role or a scope. * before dragging a class onto a constraint, one had to first click this class to select it. Fixed. * Linux specific : * Corrected the Makefile, and added the missing install section. So it's now possible do to a make install * Mac OSX specific : none.
1.301 Sep 2015 03:40 major feature: This release brings a new feature : an ontology editor, i.e. a new window from which you can easily manage your classes, roles and scopes, and very easily create constraints between your classes. Not everything is possible yet from this winow : classes, roles and scopes cannot be deleted from there, you cannot reparent a class... but these features will come in a future release. Please have a look at the user manual on how to use this new window. And the usual bunch of bug fixes....
1.208 Jan 2015 17:12 major bugfix: This release fix the problems of the Windows version. It should now work on all Windows, from XP to the upcoming Windows 10. Goozzee is now split into two separate programs : - "Personal Edition" : single-user version - "Network Edition" : multi-user version Both versions are available on both Windows, Linux and Mac OSX Maverick.
1.125 Aug 2014 11:26 minor bugfix: This is a minor release : it doesn't bring many great new feature, but corrects many little issues. 1/ New features Very few new features. * On Mac OSX, Goozzee now relies on Cocoa instead of Carbon, thanks to wxWidgets 3.0. * It's now possible to insert tables in the notes and reports. This is not yet very polished, but it can be handy.. * It's now possible to insert manual page breaks in notes and reports, using a new icon in the toolbar. * The association edition window has now a simpler layout. Cleaner, smaller.. * Timestamps are now calculated by mysql, instead of the client doing it. * You can now use MariaDB instead of Mysql. * It's now possible to save a document into a directory, from its contextual menu. * When inserting a URL in the notes, it's now possible possible to enter a text displayed in place of the URL. 2/ Main Bug Fixes * Improved layout of the configuration window * Improved layout of the Preferences window * Fixed a possible crash, when the configuration file is absent * Lots of code optimisation (to remove redundant codes pieces) * Fixed a crash, when opening a document with wrong access rights * The security dialog for the topic was sometimes opening out of the screen. * Lots of work was done improving the reporting functionality (that was SOOO buggy): * it's now possible to select "Classes", "Subclasses" and "Instances" sections * some of the code was completely rewritten * corrected some bug in the sections numbering * optimization of DB calls while generating reports (report generation is now *MUCH* faster) * suppressed the useless tab on the report edition window * topic header/footer and section header/footer are now presented as tabs in the report editor * keyboard shortcuts didn't work * fixed some memory corruption that crashed the program * in the report editor, when inserting a property, the contextual menu