ILIAS E-Learning 4.4.4

ILIAS is a web based learning management system / virtual learning environment. It features a course and test system, SCORM 1.2 support, LOM, modules for email, forum, surveys and polls, chatting, groups, podcasts, calendaring, file sharing, authoring, a content management system, wikis, blogs, personal desktops, and Lucene based searching. It allows LDAP management and role based access controls. It's plugin based, themeable, and internationalized for 25 languages.

Tags education learning-management site-management portal-script
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

4.4.420 Jul 2014 16:31 minor bugfix: Recent changes include updated templates and language files, fixed table editing, and the sorting of taxonomy nodes has been adapted. Container-based imports for polls, blog and portfolio implemented. Numerous other bugs were fixed.