JSAUCER is the next Advanced Technology of JAS. it is used to interact with JDollar and it's latest Technologies. JSAUCER is the Technology used with MYBATICS ,and JQUERY. JSAUCER IS INVENTED BY WILMIX JEMIN J @ YEAR 2015 (duration 1 year) IN JAVA ,JAS ,and CDollar Technology. It is a Mobile Technology. It is used in mobile cloud computing . and used for constructing webpages for mobiles. The mobile users can view the webpage through mobile from the remote cloud server. JSAUCER uses Remote Cloud Server to communicate with mobile. It is also used in mobiles.

Tags jdollar compiler programming-language jsaucer njdollar
License GNU GPL
State initial

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.127 Mar 2016 03:37 major feature: ADVANTAGES OF JSAUCER: 1.JSAUCER also has attractive syntax and has less code like JWP. It saves time and cost and increase Productivity. We can also do Banking , Insurance through any mobiles. We can also view desktop of Gcloud os v.1 It Provide the facility for the users to use the mobile as easy as possible , so it is more user friendly. It is used with WDBAJ database hence Provide Good Security. It is also an Interactive mobile Technology. It is best to use for mobile cloud computing and mobile web pages. It is basically based on oops concepts so developers can easily concenterate on it. It also provide attraction for webpages. It is used in Advanced Business and solve complex problems. It allow multiple submits on same page. It also interact with JDollar through WDBAJ . It supports ANGULAR.js , JQuery mobile and java scripts. It accepts JAVA code and generates class files..