JAVA Searchmonkey 3.2.0 3.2.0

Searchmonkey is different to other desktop search engines. Users can search for file names and contents using powerful regular expressions. This enables Searchmonkey to be much more precise when it returns hits. In addition, searchmonkey doesn't just show you a list of files that might contain what you are looking for, it helpfully displays the content with the matches highlighted

Tags gnu gplv3 desktop gnome system filesystem searching systems-administration freebsd redhat windows linux desktop-search java
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

3.2.014 Mar 2018 08:53 major feature: This version provides a new and improved regular expression test utility:- * Adds more control over the look-and-feel * Improved regular expression tester * Improved built-in help pages * General bug fixes 2.2 Improvements Menu bar: Added view menu to change the look and feel DONE Better RTL (right-to-left) support DONE Test regular expression Improved dialog with built in help to test and evaluate regular expressions DONE User can see results in real time from with the test entry box, or the search box DONE Fixed the copy/paste buffer DONE Search summary: Added more summary features including skipped files DONE When performing a filename search (no content) a message is shown to the user in the hits tab DONE 2.3 Fixed Issues Search summary: The most recent file is now the most recent DONE Fixed the caret-scrolling issue DONE Search results: Fixing icon for ZIP files DONE
3.1.012 Mar 2018 15:55 major feature: What's new 2.1 Highlights This version carries with it a major overhaul of the HMI so that it is more consistent with the Searchmonkey family of products. The key features in this release are: Added content search for most text documents, including:- Adobe PDF Microsoft Office (XML original file format) Open Office (ODT file format) Zip files containing text files And much, much more besides Improved HMI look-and-feel for true next generation feel 2.2 Improvements Cleaner HMI: Search panel moved to the left-hand side DONE Advanced search options simplified by replacing with comboboxes DONE Intelligent comboboxes used to enter data with advanced features DONE Options tab used to keep search options easy to view and change DONE Search panel: Accessed date: inverted range e.g. not between last week and last month DONE File Size Option: Inverted file range e.g. Greater than X OR less than Y DONE Filename search options: Removed limit max file size option DONE Filename search options: Can now ignore common binary files DONE Filename search options: case insensitive search DONE Results table: Added file type icons, for known types DONE 2.3 Fixed Issues Search entry: Modified date now working normally DONE Created date now working normally DONE Dates, when printed in the comboboxes, are now in local date format DONE Filename are restored after start up DONE Containing are restored after start up DONE Dialogs and wizards: Centred location of the wizards to the HMI DONE Mime types dialog has been made larger to make it easier to scroll DONE Options: Shortcuts (LNK) files are now ignored (user options) DONE Search results: The icon column header is shown in the context menu (but not in the results table) DONE Changes to the column number will reset the table column width + positions DONE General: Title of the window set to Searchmonkey's tagline DONE