LazSqlX is a cross-platform database management tool. It works with MariaDB/Mysql, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Firebird and Oracle databases. It provides am intuitive data browser, querying tool and management GUI. LazSqlX can also be used on stored procedures, for changing table schemata, search, filtering, printing, or CSV / XML /JSON exports.

Tags pascal fpc sql database-manager postgresql sqlite mysql firebird oracle
License Other
State stable

Recent Releases Mar 2015 03:45 major bugfix: Sqlite foreign key extraction from ddl AsSqliteMetadata . Better field type mapping when cloning to Sqlite from other database types. New data types added for Sqlite3: varchar, datetime, and support for fixed field length. DatabaseCloner: Improvements in cloning to Sqlite (creates constraints, better data type mappings). Added option to create or not the foreign key constraints. Added option to copy data (experimental). Firebird: embedded libraries included. GUI: TableList in UI changed to Treeview with expandable table items. Changed some colors. Icon(s) changed. And bugfixes.