Qt 6.6.1

Qt is a C++ and GUI toolkit. It's available cross-platform, and integrates the Qt Quick canvas and fluid layout engine, based on QML (modeling with JavaScript and CSS-like features).

Tags c++ qt gui toolkit linux macosx win32 mobile qml developers library
License GNU LGPL
State stable

Recent Releases

6.6.101 Jan 2024 11:52 major feature: https://wiki.qt.io/Main
5.1329 Aug 2019 19:40 major feature: See changes in https://wiki.qt.io/New_Features_in_Qt_5.13
5.12.306 May 2019 11:24 major feature: See changes in https://wiki.qt.io/New_Features_in_Qt_5.12
5.12.116 Feb 2019 14:17 major feature: See changes in https://wiki.qt.io/New_Features_in_Qt_5.12
5.5.002 Jul 2015 18:25 major feature: Qt Bluetooth enhancements: low energy API finalized, Android support added. Qt Core: can now have Q_PROPERTY and Q_INVOKABLE within a Q_GADGET. Added Q_ENUM to replace Q_ENUMS. Qt GUI: Windows packages built with -opengl dynamic. QOpenGLWidget supported in iOS. QImage: 8-bit alpha map and grayscale formats. QImageReader: better EXIF support. Qt Multimedia now has GStreamer 1.0 support. New video filtering framework for OpenCV and CUDA. Improved camera support. Qt Network: new SSL backends for iOS/OSX, support for libproxy, elliptic curves, TLS PSK suites, Raspberry Pi 2. KMS/DRM backend for EGLFS. Input handling unified for EGLFS and LinuxFB, and libinput. QML: Possible to expose custom C++ value types into the JavaScript environment of QML and QJSEngine. Typed arrays, performance improvements, support for Geolocation API, added API for WebEngine settings. Qt Quick: Windows now threaded using OpenGL, QQuickWidget works on iOS. Qt Quick Extras was added under the QtQuick.Extras import. Various experimental QML API have been promoted to public. Updated Chromium snapshot to version 40. New Modules: Qt 3D now included. C++ and QML APIs for easy inclusion of 3D graphics. Supports OpenGL 2, 3, 4 and OpenGL ES 2 and ES 3. Data-driven renderer configuration. Qt Canvas 3D, a JavaScript rendering API for Qt Quick. Qt Location adds mapping, (reverse-)geocoding, routing and place features to Qt. Deprecated Functionality: Qt WebKit, Qt Declarative (Qt Quick 1), Qt Script.
5.4.011 Dec 2014 06:05 major feature: Chromium-based browser engine Qt WebEngine. Qt WebView for showing web content using the native OS web engine on mobile. Full support on Qt for Windows Store Apps, including WinRT and Windows Phone 8.1. Improved Compliance with iOS 8 and Xcode 6. Improved OS X 10.10 Yosemite support and new Mac AppStore signing. High-DPI support for Windows and OS X. Dynamic GL switching between OpenGL and ANGLE on Windows. Mix OpenGL and Qt Quick with QOpenGLWidget. Qt Creator 3.3 with new Qt Quick Designer. Bluetooth now supports BlueZ5 with tech preview on Bluetooth LE. Qt Canvas 3D for rendering WebGL within Qt Quick.