Luksus 1.6

LUKSUS is a text-based program for Linux and BSD which runs in a terminal window or console. LUKSUS lets you encrypt your files, hardrives, usb sticks and virtual container using your operating system's internal encryption mechanism and acts as the frontend to the internal encryption mechanism. It can use the following encryption facilities: LUKS, Truecrypt, GELI and GNUPGP. It works on Linux, DragonflyBSD and FreeBSD. LUKSUS can also encrypt single files with GNU Privacy Guard or OpenSSL. This project is maintained by Thomas Frivold.

Tags encryption freebsd netbsd openbsd dragonflybsd luks geli cgd gpg openpgp
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.614 Aug 2014 13:23 major feature: +Added OpenSSL support LUKSUS can now encrypt files using OpenSSL