Moodle 2.7.2

Moodle is a course / learning management system. It's customizeble through extensions and is easy to use collaboratively, multilingual, and interoperable through open standards (ITL, SCORM, QTI, LDAP). Learning material can be set up in directed paths, scheduled, including multimedia material and WYSWIG editing, evaluated per peer or self assessment, reporting, and badges or flexible grading systems.

Tags web php education learning-management courseware
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.7.208 Sep 2014 07:14 minor bugfix: Atto now working with form change checker and quiz autosave. Mathjax address that changed, that caused Atto to fail to load, has been updated in Moodle. Gradebook Sum of grades shows correct total if items are hidden. Warning given when the same memcached instance is used for both sessions and MUC. For Multiple choices questions in the quiz / question bank, the options "Clear incorrect responses" and "Show the number of correct responses" did not make sense for "One answer only" questions. It is now impossible to select that combination of options on the form. A number of security related issues were resolved. Details of these issues will be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system administrators to safely update to the latest version. Description of assignment hidden in calendar if "always show description" = NO. Weekly stats now working again. Automatic emails now sent after users import from CSV. Parent role only sees course total and no longer individual grades. Start New Attempt option is now followed if SCORM is set to appear in a popup.
2.7.115 Jul 2014 09:40 minor bugfix: The file picker now works when zooming in and out of browser, and PDF Annotations have been fixed. Course logs can no longer be deleted when course is reset. The term 'add-on' was changed to 'plugin' in the user interfaces. A number of security related issues were resolved (not details provided initially). Also fixed were iCal recurrent rules importing, duplicate group enrolment keys allowance constrained, and uploading images via Chrome is now working.