Mundo 0.22.4

Mundo is a 3D massive-multiplayer online role playing game, with basic graphics. It's multi-platform, based on GPLDevKit and OpenGL and written in FreePascal. The current map provides 1 million square meters, including caves and hell-style scenes, 17 non-player characters, 21 monster types, 58 items, and around 100 quests.

Tags fpc pascal game mmorpg mud multiplayer opengl
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

0.22.419 Oct 2014 07:25 cleanup: Refactor player animations. Design and implement the death of the player. Looting. BackPack. Use items. Removal of unused units keyvaluelists.pas, maps.pas, timers.pas, serverconnections.pas, clientconnections.pas, textureppms.pas, texturetgas.pas. Remove unit vectors that is misused in cameras.pas. Unify of version constant. Create doc units.ods.