NetMauMau 0.24.0

Play the popular card game Mau Mau (similar to UNO®) against the computer or over the network with your friends. It consists of a highly configurable stand-alone server and a client based on Qt4/5. The client's development is now ceased and in search of a new maintainer, transforming it from a worse and annoying showstopper to a usable and fun to play one. Features: * Play against an unlimited number of tactical playing computer opponents * Play against an unlimited number of human players over the network * Play ace/queen/king rounds (optional) * Support for player images * Spoken feedback * Server side scores * Integrated webserver to show the server's status * Highly customizeable rules, even tweak them to your needs with Lua * Away from home, but PC is running? On Linux/BSD you can run the server on demand by using (x)inetd, on Windows install it as service * Client for Linux/Windows available here (no more maintained)

Tags c++ lua non-interactive daemon card-games console-games gameframeworks qt win32
License GNU LGPLv3
State beta

Recent Releases

0.24.023 Aug 2015 05:14 major feature: * integrated webserver to show the server's status * increased performance * bugfixes
0.23.027 Jun 2015 09:13 minor bugfix: * fixed problems at player messages * speaking Mau only once in a turn * fixed uncovering card twice at game start * bugfixes
0.22.020 Jun 2015 09:38 major bugfix: * fixed crash at startup on fresh installs * fixed ultimate mode * fixed player image handling * improved AI player * bugfixes
0.21.015 Jun 2015 05:40 minor feature: * improved seven rule * improved AI player * highlighting drawn cards * small GUI improvements * bugfixes
0.20.102 Jun 2015 17:31 major feature: * messages view supports unlimited number of players * launch server dialog adjusts card configuration to sane values * unlimited amount of players * added bash completion for nmm-server (not Windows) * fixed suspend/no match bug
0.19.023 May 2015 08:16 minor feature: * improved ace/king/queen rounds * fixed endless loop of AI under some circumstances * improved UI * bugfixes
0.18.009 May 2015 08:03 major feature: * improved AI * easy/hard AI * bugfixes
0.1728 Mar 2015 10:24 minor feature: * relative/absolute scores * using Lua script as rule set * bugfixes
0.1607 Mar 2015 11:20 minor feature: * reworked local server output view * added AI configuration * volume control for speech output * reworked local server launch dialog * improved AI
0.1528 Feb 2015 08:06 major feature: * amount of card decks configurable * amount of initial cards configurable * clarified an untransparent move of a remote/ai player * better handling of refused connections * improved a/k/q rounds and seven rule * announcing take card count and a/k/q rounds * draw and play out card if player has no matching card * more configurable local server output terminal * many bugfixes
0.1414 Feb 2015 13:31 minor feature: * improved AI * speech support * bugfixes
0.1307 Feb 2015 10:00 major feature: * direction change with Nine * bugfixes, esp. in multiplayer mode
0.1231 Jan 2015 11:38 minor feature: * fixed Ace/King/Queen round bug, allowing to start the round at any time * cards are sortable by drag and drop * bugfixes
0.1124 Jan 2015 11:02 minor feature: * improved AI opponent * player images can now be dropped on the main window * all Qt supported image formats are accepted * improved server dialog * card tooltips can get disabled
0.1017 Jan 2015 06:37 major bugfix: bugfixes (esp. on Win32 not showing suit symbols)
0.910 Jan 2015 08:39 major feature: * server side scores * support for (x)inetd * bugfixes
0.803 Jan 2015 06:50 minor feature: * implemented king/queen rounds as well * bugfixes
0.727 Dec 2014 09:00 major feature: * implemented ace rounds Client: * added shortcut F7 for taking cards and F8 for suspend * added shortcuts for playing cards * updated player stats * bugfixes
0.620 Dec 2014 06:44 major feature: * Installer for Win32 * check if the player image is really a PNG image * improved test tools (for developing) * use of better random numbers by use of GNU Scientific Library * added a splash screen * fixed range of allowed server ports * added a "try again" button on game lost/win messagebox * reworked player messages * bugfixes
0.514 Dec 2014 05:33 major bugfix: * added player image upload button to server dialog * displaying playing time * bugfixes
0.406 Dec 2014 07:44 major feature: * If a player has lost due a played out Jack, the points are doubled * If a player has lost and a 7 is the open card, the player takes the cards and they get added to the points * Player pictures can get transferred via server to clients * bugfixes
0.329 Nov 2014 07:30 major feature: * Support for up to 4 AI players Client: * Added a terminal like output window for locally launched server * Improved server dialog * sorting of cards allows no sorting, sort suite/rank and sort ran/suit * German translations added * Launch local server on startup * Player's cards are bigger and dynamically resize * Loosing players points are displayed
0.222 Nov 2014 12:30 major feature: Initial release