Npackd 1.19.13

Npackd is a package manager and application market place for Windows. It synchronizes install information with the control panels software section and MSI package database, supports proxies, authorization-protected repositories, silent and fast installations, dependency resolution, automatic shortcut creation, multiple versions per package installation, and SHA1 package checksums.

Tags c++ qt win32 unattended package-manager
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.19.1309 Oct 2014 21:24 minor bugfix: stop running programs if necessary support for .zip files bigger than 4 GiB (zip64 file format) check the downloaded binaries with the installed antivirus fill the table immediately after the start, asynchronous database update better package detection (less duplicates) better warnings if something will be removed or installed auto-update load MSI and control panel icons store/load the list of previously used installation directories "Open folder" action to show the package directory in Windows Explorer more tooltips npackdg.exe "start-newest" command to start the newest version of Npackd GUI npackdg.exe "add" to add a package with a GUI progress dialog npackdg.exe "remove" to remove a package with a GUI progress dialog support for SHA-256 cryptographic hash sums bugfix: .lnk descriptions can only contain one line use Qt 5.2.1, MinGW-w64 4.8.2, QuaZIP 0.6.2 better installation location detection for MSI packages save the list of repositories in the database do not use script mode while parsing the URLs show text files associated with a package version change the home page to reload tabs if the repository was reloaded instead of closing them bugfix: ROLLBACK is used outside of a transaction bugfix: finish() SQL queries