Pharo 4.0

Pharo is a pure object-oriented programming language. It tightly integrates compiler, runtime and a modern IDE focused on being simple to use, provide immediate feedback and inline debugging. It implements a Smalltalk dialect with live objects, hot recompilation, full reflection, dynamic typing, direct inheritance, automated instance and memory management.

Tags smalltalk pharo programming-language ide runtime compiler introspection debugger developers
License MITL, Apache
State stable

Recent Releases

4.016 Apr 2015 20:25 minor feature: GTools: Playground, Inspector, Spotter. Slots model instance variables as first class enities and enable meta-programming on this level. ShoreLine reporter: submit information automatically when errors happen TxModel, a modern text model who works with Athens (Preview). OSWindow, a new way to handle windows and input events (Preview). Glamour, a mature declarative browser builder. Dark theme. Updated: Zinc, new object logging, improvements to character encoding/decoding, improvements to URL parsing, bug fixes, simplifications, comments. Zodiac: bug fixes. Fuel. Versionner. Important changes: User interface. FreeType fonts now default (Source Sans Pro and Source Code Pro). Enhances to Nautilus Refactorings . Enhances to Nautilus to detect: examples, scripts, initializations. Enhanced Monticello GUI (including status icons).