QT Creator 12.0.2

Qt Creator provides a cross-platform, complete integrated development environment (IDE) for application developers to create applications for multiple desktop, embedded, and mobile device platforms, such as Android and iOS. It is available for Linux, OS X and Windows operating systems.

Tags software-development c++ qt cross-platform developers
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

12.0.228 Feb 2024 14:19 major feature: External Tools Fixed that the output could be interspersed with newlines (QTCREATORBUG-29977) Editing Fixed that modified documents lost their file icon, which potentially included a short freeze (QTCREATORBUG-29999) Fixed a crash when opening bookmarks (QTCREATORBUG-30283) C++ Clang Format Fixed the update of the preview when settings change (QTCREATORBUG-30089) Fixed an issue with CRLF line endings Fixed a freeze when looking up symbols (QTCREATORBUG-30155) Fixed a crash while parsing (QTCREATORBUG-30044) Language Server Protocol Fixed a crash when completing Markdown Fixed that clicking on file links cleared the preview instead of opening the file (QTCREATORBUG-30120) Projects Fixed that trying to stop remote processes that were no longer reachable resulted in a broken run control state Fixed a potential infinite loop (QTCREATORBUG-30067) Fixed a crash when navigating in the Projects view (QTCREATORBUG-30035) Fixed that custom compiler settings could vanish after restart (QTCREATORBUG-30133) Fixed the restoring of per project C++ file name settings CMake Fixed that automatic re-configuration on saving files while a build is running could fail (QTCREATORBUG-30048) Fixed that the automatically added library path was wrong for targets with the same name as special CMake targets (like "test") (QTCREATORBUG-30050) Fixed that the cm locator filter did not show all targets (QTCREATORBUG-29946) Fixed adding files with the wizards when triggered through File New File (QTCREATORBUG-30170) Fixed adding QML files to CMake files when variables like PROJECT_NAME are used for the target name (QTCREATORBUG-30218) Fixed adding files to OBJECT libraries (QTCREATORBUG-29914) CMake Presets Fixed that display names were not updated when reloading presets (QTCREATORBUG-30237) Conan Fixed that macOS sysroot was not passed on to Conan (QTCREATORBUG-29978) F
4.5.008 Dec 2017 02:36 major feature: CMake Support: Variables in the configuration UI in the Projects mode are now grouped by prefix, and have type-specific editors for boolean and path values. You can also change the type of variables and unset accidentally added ones. Also, we improved the handling of configuration changes outside of Qt Creator. The change notification now shows detailed information about how the cached values differ from the values on disk. Android Support: Integrated Android SDK package manager - Qt Creator 4.4. Since Android SDK tools version 25.3.0, there is no UI tool available to manage the Android SDK packages. Because of that, we have added such UI to Qt Creator. Unfortunately, the command line tool for managing SDKs that is provided with the SDK cannot update packages on Windows, and fails with JDK 9, so this applies to Qt Creator as well. Also, we provide better information about problems with the installed SDK, such as missing components or not met minimum version requirements. Qt Creator no longer supports local deployment nor Ant, starting with this version. Both features have been deprecated for a long time. Other Improvements: We started on making the File System navigation pane more useful. It is showing a file system tree now, and you can select the root directory from a list containing the computer root, your home directory, your default projects directory, and the base directories of all the projects you have open in Qt Creator. More features are to come in the future. Locator now does fuzzy camel case matching in the same way as code completion does. For example, you can type c andesu in the locator to open the AndroidDebugSupport class. On Windows, we fixed detection of Visual Studio Build Tools 2017. For iOS, we had to fix our mechanism for switching between simulator device types with Xcode 9, because that changed the behavior of the Simulator application.
4.0.019 May 2016 03:23 major feature: We are happy to announce the release of Qt Creator 4.0.0. Starting with this release, we are making the Clang static analyzer integration, extended QML profiler features and auto test integration (experimental) available under open source. The previously commercial-only connection editor and path editor of Qt Quick Designer were already open sourced with Qt Creator 3.6.0. Qt Creator is now available under commercial license and GPLv3 (with exceptions). The exceptions ensure that there are no license restrictions on generated code, and that bridging to 3rd party code is still possible.