Ruboto 1.2.0

Ruboto is a Ruby development tool chain and framework for generating native Android apps. It's based on JRuby and can utilize any Ruby library or gem, while still facilitating access to Android and Java APIs. Code generators are provided, packaging tools, rake/ant useable, deployment and testing helpers added.

Tags ruby compiler framework android developers command-line
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.2.015 Oct 2014 11:25 major feature: Support for new Android Runtime and Android L. Make ::R refer to package.R instead of android.R. Set a layout attribute by name even if it is not a JavaBean attribute. Fixes for Stale code in widget.rb lists, Service code is broken when trying to use RubotoService directly, Ruboto app generation with option with-jruby 1.7.14 not working properly, RubotoService fails to start on Android L, Problem with ruboto setup, travis build fails with JRuby 1.7.16.