SimulaBeta 3.1.2

SimulaBeta is a continuous numerical simulation program for insulin-glucose feedback control. It is based on a published nonlinear MiMe-NoCoDI model of insulin-glucose homeostasis, calibrated with physiological data. It supports sensitivity analysis, saving and reading parameter sets and sub-models as scenarios and the export of simulation results in various formats for evaluation in statistics packages.

Tags computer-aided-instruction scientific bio-informatics medical-science object-pascal pascal aqua carbon cocoa win32 education science-resear
License BSDL-2
State stable

Recent Releases

3.1.229 Jun 2023 21:26 minor bugfix: Bug-fix release addressing minor issues. First version being based on CyberUnits Bricks 2.0
3.1.131 May 2023 23:40 minor bugfix: Bug-fix release addressing memory leaks and an issue in the GUI of LOREMOS.
3.1.006 Apr 2023 20:09 major feature: Significant upgrade that introduces a plethora of new features including a load, reference and modulation sequencer (LOREMOS) to simulate complex patterns of external influences on glucose homeostasis, statistics of time series, sensitivity analysis in form of a disposition table and support for different units of measurement for insulin and glucose concentrations
3.0.225 Feb 2023 18:29 minor bugfix: Bug-fix release resolving minor GUI issues on all supported platforms.
3.0.128 Jan 2023 21:32 minor bugfix: Bug-fix release resolving some minor issues. Additionally, introduction of native support for the Apple Silicon processor architecture.
3.0.002 Jan 2023 22:01 major feature: Major upgrade implementing saving and loading parameter sets as scenarios, improved plot functions and the option to simulate a reference input for steady-state insulin release.
2.2.007 May 2022 09:25 minor feature: Simulation of oral glucose tolerance test (oGTT) introduced. Additionally, some minor fixes.
2.1.101 Feb 2022 20:33 major bugfix: Bug fix release
2.1.027 Jan 2022 19:45 major feature: Introducing option to simulate an ivGTT (fsIGT) experiment, improved display of time series plots, support for dark mode on macOS and multiple bug fixes.
2.0.001 Nov 2021 11:55 major feature: First public version of SimulaBeta 2.0