GNU Solfege 3.23.4

GNU Solfege is *free* ear training software written in Python 3.4 using the Gtk+ 3 toolkit. The program is designed to be easily extended with lesson files (data files), so the user can create new exercises.

Tags python c win32 ms windows gtk education sound
License GNU GPL
State development

Recent Releases

3.23.425 Jun 2016 20:01 minor feature: Changes since 3.23.3 * Most visible changes listed below. See the git repo for all the details. * fix F9 listing user lesson files * toneincontext: let the user compare and practise when answering wrong * toneincontext: remove Give up button *port exporting exercises to audio files and creating ear training test printouts to python3/gtk3 * download ALSA: reload moved to importlib