sup 1.1

sup is a very small and secure C application. it is designed to run as root (with suid bit on) to facilitate the privilege escalation of users to execute certain programs as superuser. all settings in sup are hard-coded at compile time. sup is very portable and self-contained, designed for production use as a static binary. sup is a sort of hard-coded sudo: it is an ideal companion for artisans building small containers and embedded systems.

Tags security systems-administration c posix system-administrators developers
License GNU LGPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.102 Apr 2016 10:21 major bugfix: this release improves sup's security and introduces new features. the rule checks have been refactored and all dynamic memory allocation has been removed. a new daemon mode allows to send process to background, also saving their pid to file. target uid and gid can be specified on the commandline to be different from root. commandline documentation is complete.
1.017 Mar 2016 10:02 major feature: sup was originally written in 2009 by pancake of and maintained until 2011 as part of the suckless tools. in 2016 sup is being adopted by jaromil of, extending its features to support static build with musl-libc and hardcoded sha256 hashing of binary files.