TeXstudio 4.8.1

TeXstudio is an IDE that simplifies creating and editing LaTeX documents. It has numerous features like syntax highlighting, an integrated document and PDF viewer, reference checking and link overlays, auto-completion, code folding, over 1000 builtin math symbols, bookmarks, spellchecking, multi-cursor editing, image drag and drop, table formatter, and many other assistants for images, tables, formulas. It can be used with different TeX compilers and distributions and multiple build steps. It's also cross-platform and portable.

Tags c++ qt latex tex word-processor text-editor wordsetting latex-editor
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

4.8.109 Jun 2024 01:05 minor feature: allow hiding of sidepanel docks via view/show reduce number on visible dock on OSX due to qt osx style weakness. raised dock after hiding/showing sidepanel #3653. fallback to simple syntax highligting when tooltip background differs from general background #3644. structure view context on sections #3642. black background on comboxes with windows11 style (qt6.7.1).
4.8.012 May 2024 22:45 minor feature: AI chat assistant added use moveable/. splitable docks for sidepanel. extended search can now also search in all files in one folder. add basic syntax highlighting for latex3 code. handling CJK characters in pdf on OSX #3558. rare crash #3556. reload hidden docs when user chooses to discard changes #3550.
4.7.302 Mar 2024 16:45 minor feature: First line of macro editor no longer uses macro type, use buttons to set type. Macro format changes slightly. For details s. #3458 add export of all macros in Edit Macros dialog. missing connection error message when browsing macro repository #3448. switching between documents #3473. Show all open documents in this tree #3476. improved Package Help dialog #3478. handling a new file created from the context menu #3471.
4.7.228 Jan 2024 16:32 minor bugfix: remove something (alt+del) handles matching delimiters fix detecting parent/child documents when autoloading is disabled #3411 fix completion of user constructs like a_b #3403 fix navigating in subfiles #3404 fix duplicate shortcut in Additional Shortcut column is not removed #3408
2.12.1226 Nov 2018 11:33 minor bugfix: - improve macro handling, provide gui that directly downloads macros from github.com/texstudio-org/texstudio-macro - add fuzzy completion mode - add cwls - fix rare bug that typed characters appear in reverse order - bug fixes
2.12.1016 Jul 2018 16:51 minor bugfix: - improvement recognized latex commands and packages for completion/syntax checking - complete package names when they contain minus - do not clean .git subfolder with auxiliary files - pdf viewer: improved previous page jumping, fix embedded movie boxes (when compiled with phonon) - option to use qt file dialog rather than system file dialog - fix structure view with Qt 5.10 - bug fixes
2.12.816 Jul 2018 16:51 minor bugfix: - improved tokenizer for syntax checking and completion - pressing Ctrl+F while the editor search has focus opens the extended search, i.e., you'll get extended search by pressing Ctrl+F twice - automatically insert math delimiters ( ) when inserting a math command outside of a math env (can be turned off, default on) - change copy behavior of multiple cursors from selection order to line order - file list is now a transparent popup window: closes when clicked outside - combine file conflict and show diff dialog - fix file watcher not recognizing multiple changes to a file in quick succession - improved detection of package names when opening texdoc - new symbol panel layout - some touch scrolling on certain panels - updated synctex and poppler libraries for pdf viewer - fix undo when a snippet is inserted and a selection is inserted as well - fix some parts of the editor background may not be drawn in the correct color - build for OSX High Sierra - various other fixes
2.12.616 Jul 2018 16:51 minor bugfix: - use Breeze window theme on KDE Plasma 5 (thanks to Alexander Wilms) - support single-finger panning gesture on most config dialog components - support single-finger panning touch gesture on log viewer - pdf viewer scroll tool: support single-finger panning gesture - center width-constrained documents in the editor (optional) - add document tab context menu entries "Close" and "Close All Other Documents" - improved layout of config build page - add system check for language tool - change search defaults to case-insensitive (feature-requests#1254) - tags for beamer - change preview default to embedded pdf - handle preview failures more gracefully, i.e. no warning pop-ups - repect preview settings (panel,etc) also for hover preview - show hover preview as tooltip in case of inline-mode - warn if compiler commands are actually a command list - several improvements to the latex parser - notify that a restart is required when switching between modern and classic style - improved LanguageTool communication: better error handling - add reset to default button for some LT settings - add 200ms delay before showing auto-hidden viewer toolbar to prevent flicker - eye candy for pdf circular magnifier (adapted code from texworks) - show pdf highlight in magnifier - capslock does not close completer any more - alternative approach for determine directories from complete texts - use cache for previews - auto open completer when starting to type in references, packages etc. - scripting: editor.cutBuffer - subframetitle in structure view - enable inputMethod (e.g. ) in completer - change default for complete non-text chacters to off, as it tends to cause unexpected behaviour - fix word separation with punctuation - fix: remove incorrect warning "Unknown magic comment" for " !TeX TS-program = " - fix: avoid compile fail if magic comment program is spelled wrongly - fix: duplicate lines in autogenerated cwl files - fix multi line argument interpretation - fix pdfviewer in enlarged
2.12.416 Jul 2018 16:51 major bugfix: - detect definition of tex counts using newcount - improve config dialog layout - make todo comment detection configurable - show frame titles in structure view - support table alignment in IEEEeqnarray, xtabular and mpxtabular - table alignment: fix aligning of empty cols - table alignment: place if last columns is empty - warn if begin column is used outside columns-env - workaround for not interpreting inside sweave Sexpr - option to deactivate interperation of command definition in magic comments - remove pdf viewer subtypes from "Default Viewer" config. PDF viewer subtypes should be selected in "PDF Viewer". - increase the maximal resolution for pdf rendering (bug 2003) - toolbar for embedded viewer can not turned-off anymore - show shortcuts in tooltips (can be deactivated in the options) - pass non-breaking space to grammar check (fixes bug 2040) - item completion no adds a space (feature request 994) - fix highlighting of current section in structure (bug 2103) - fix delays when typing _abc - fix bug in log parser: wrong filename if empty brackets () occur in text - fix word repetition erro on non-breaking space ( ) - fix file detection in latex/include file - fix width of side panel not saved (bug 2083) - fix ampersand in in recent session names - fix parsing of RequirePackage in style files if the argument is completed on the same line - fix misinterpretation of closing brace if extra opening brace is used over multilines - fix jumping to first page when changing magnifier/hand in pdfviewer - fix spelling error on words followed by - show option --version when calling with --help - fix link to LibreOffice dictionaries - fix crash on pressing Esc in options - fix entering persian half-space letter - fix maketitle completion - fix shortcut context on OSX - fix robustcommand definition - use * instead of @ in BUILD.sh (bug 2042) - add needspace.cwl - update some cwls - add turkish translation
2.12.216 Jul 2018 16:50 minor bugfix: - PDF shortcuts are now changable - Support LanguageTool json API (needed for LanguageTool 3.5) - slightly improved layout of config dialog - improved detection of stdout and stderr redirection (bug 2019) - fix: duplicate side panel icons (bug 2016) - fix: togglefullscreen from maximised and in reverse (bug 2021) - fix: don't try to call bibtex/biber if there are no bibtex-files (bug 2025) - fix: detection of programs (bug 2037) - fix: avoid problems if check latex is called without open documents
2.12.016 Jul 2018 16:50 major feature: - improved user interface: optimized layout, some new icons, some changes of color - warn if file-saving fails - cwl-based highlighting of todo-like commands - partly support todo commands spanning multiple lines (starting line is considered for highlighting and structure entry) - partly support highlighting of multi-line titles: first line is highlighted - move cursor to context in line when clicking on log entry - add "Move all to other view" to editor tabs context menu - add shortcut Ctrl+Alt+X to open the current pdf in the external viewer - open the annotation dialog by double-clicking on an annotation in the list - indicate LanguageTool server in tooltip - indicate cursor RTL state in status bar - build commands can be edited in non-advanced mode - auto user commands on single argument math commands e.g. overbrace abc - support input of PGF/TikZ files in graphics wizard - support fix BEGIN_FOLD in .rnw files - improved highlighting for pweave and sweave - improved tooltips on structure entries - improved text completion: support compound words, apostrophe, subscript in braces, words with underscores - Parenthesis - Select Inner/Outer work also when the cursor is not next to a parenthesis but inside - don't clear highlights of search in pdf after timeout - revert to pre 2.11.0 save method on windows because the new QSaveFile has problems with Dropbox folders - option to disable safe writing of files (using QSaveFile) - non-Windows only - option to disable showing logfile/error list in case of compile errors - option to deactivate all reactions to external file changes - option to control the triple click behavior - additional shortcuts with Tab, Backspace, Del in shortcut options - portable version does now store all settings in a subfolder "config" - improved automatic handling of hg version information (relevant when building from source tar) - improved handling of cwl dublets - use Ctrl+Space for completion on OS X (was Cmd+Space which conflicts with
2.1116 Jul 2018 16:49 major feature: TeXstudio 2.11.2 ---------------- - major performance speedup, in case some default section commands were not defined in any used package - speed up pasting into large documents (factor 100x) - add comment toggle - improved search panel layout - improved bracket detection for todo highlighting (bug 1789) - improved parsing of section titles (bug 1817) - added shorter auto-save intervals (1 min, 2 min) - detection of user-local installation of MikTeX - cwl-format: suffix plain disables possible semantics associated with an argument name - cwl-format: suffix labeldef for definition of labels - cwl-format: suffix notation takes precedence over detection by argument name - cwl-format: allow 'key' to be used in label if #l is set - replace babel german by ngerman in presentation wizard - highlight cursorEnums in script - support reading an application style sheet from stylesheet.qss - fix crash on qt4 if update check is sucessful - fix: auto-indent - fix: make insertion of tabs work with cursor mirrors (bug 1788) - fix: verbatim setting for verb abc (bug 1795) - fix: update of save icon after SaveAll (bug 1808) - fix: dictionaries in extracted .oxt files not recognized (bug 1804) - fix: replace with regexp containing lookahead (bug 1779) - fix: keep indentation when using the graphics wizard (1816) - fix: quote replacement on formerly hidden child documents (1827) - fix: do not interpret double backslash within braces as column end in tabular environment (bug 1831) - fix: show a warning if file could not be saved - fix: correctly handle optional arguments in command definitions - fix: handling of let arguments - fix: spellchecking of words with apostrophe - fix: visibility of option for system theme icons on Linux - fix: scripting: cursor.movePostition(n, Left/Right) across empty lines and beyond end of file - fix: running scripts from the macro window - fix: mixture of zoom and scroll on ctrl+mouse wheel (bug 1847) - fix: scrreprt detection - fix: editor font re
2.10.405 Nov 2015 13:04 minor feature: - adapt to changed TeXlive paths on Mac OS X El Capitan (path detection and change notification) - more granular selection of update notifications: stable / release candidate /development - image as an alternative caching format (better rendering results for some cases) - import fedora patch: more general commands for external viewers on linux - respect clipboard priority if there are multiple possible mime-types that could be pasted - support newif, newfontfamily, newfontface as definition commands - ignore keyboard layout change if the current language context is ambigious - folding of square brackets - option for scaling of the segment preview - some code optimizations for speedup - fix: setting root in structureview per contextmenu - fix: problem with open braces and bibliography/label - fix: environ dependent syntax check - fix: using for mathstart - fix: mirror cursor in insert env - fix: problem with unclosed square brackets - fix: assert failure when cursor column is too high in word moving mode - fix: rtl detection lagging behind the actual text - fix: spell checking in command arguments and section titles - fix: cursor position for tabwidth == 1 - fix: multiple "View" calls to Acrobat (Reader) did not work - fix: bibids in the completer - fix: tooltip preview of - fix: loading of profile in portable mode - fix: palette and application style were not necessarily updated correctly when loading a profile - fix: tooltip width prediction for rich text tooltips - fix: false positive detection and replacement of literal quotes on windows - fix: sizes for segment preview respect hiDpi displays - fix: pdflatex segment preview on windows was always shown on first line - fix: cleanup of pdfs generated by segment preview in temp folder - added greek translation and updated several other languages - some updates to the manual - some updates to cwl files
2.9.009 Mar 2015 23:45 major feature: Link overlays for urls. Close editor tab by pressing middle mouse button. More standard shortcuts (in particular for OS X). Support optional filename argument in txs:///view-pdf-internal. Add "expand/collapse all documents" to context menu of structure. Add tabulary support. Open correct log file if output filenames are changed due to " -job-name=targetfile" (note: changed pdf filename not yet supported). User-defined icons are now portable: if possible icon paths are stored relative to settings dir or application dir. Windowed pdf viewer now supports --no-focus argument. Improved detection of label name for "Insert ref to Next Label". Improved context detection for preview (multi-line math, cursor inside multi-char delimiter). Improved search for texdoc location. Improved log parsing including support for LaTeX3 warnings and errors. Resize with soft line warp: keep vertical cursor position constant. Support .tikz files (treated like .tex files). New options: Advanced Editor - Structure Panel ("Show elements in comments", "Mark structure elements beyond end document " and "Mark structure elements in appendix"). New option: mouse wheel zoom also controls the log editor (patch by Paulo Silva). New option: encoding of bib files. New options: some GUI elements are now scalable (for better hi-res display support). Some cleanup in the options dialog. Change: LaTeX templates need to have " !TXS template" on the first line if placeholders should be interpreted, otherwise files are loaded as plain LaTeX. FIXES: Maintain expansion of the Structure View in more situations. CaseSensistivity for global search. Sync scrolling in enlarged embedded pdf viewer. Interpretation of !BIB program = biber. Fit to text width in multi-page grid of pdf viewer. Unsaved documents could create false entries when saving a session. Forgotten editor shortcuts. Linecache on retina display. On OS X: the dictionary default is path relative to app. Compilation on freebsd /patch by Abilio). Dis
2.8.824 Nov 2014 03:16 minor feature: basic Asymptote highlighting improved parsing of command options notify that syncing between PDF and .tex won't work anymore after "File Save As..." fix: crash in column handling of table parser fix: crash in math preview generation fix: txs finds resource in app if it is not installed under /Applications. fix: open completer on typing comma only when the context suggests it fix: tab replacement was only performed for tabOrIndent if there was a selection fix: shortcut saving, so that added shortcuts are saved fix: too large symbol on non-retina screen with retina notebook fix: shortcut Shift+Backspace works like Backspace fix: indentation increasing if pasting with newline at and and cursor is at line start fix: replacing a selection by itself should not change anything fix: rendering results may be slightly differerent depending on the usage of the line cache. some updates to the manual
2.8.627 Oct 2014 07:01 minor feature: tab key inserts tab or indents, depending on cursor selection error table can be filtered and sorted tooltips on package names show a short description of the package support and in commands enable the possibility to remove shortcuts from qeditor sort shortcuts for editor in order of operation name more robust text width calculation in pdf mark section beyond end of document with orange background removed pdf printing detect fonts containing ligatures maintain cursor position when using "Align Columns" for tables fix: remember removed shortcuts e.g. tab for insertSelection fix: completer opening in special cases for keyval completion fix: find next in pdf viewer fix: do not interpret in verbatim as comment fix: user command names might be lost fix: update of monchrome/color settings in pdf viewer fix: help not working on OS X fix: make case conversion work for systems with old Qt 4.6 fix: case conversion work also for cursor mirrors fix: broken cursor position for wrapped RTL text fix: crash when switching between qt and normal rendering fix: text background was not always drawn with the correct background color updated cwls: yathesis, marvosym, microtype, pifont, glossaries
2.8.408 Sep 2014 02:25 major bugfix: Improved syncing to PDF: don't scroll PDF to top of page if the highlighted area is already visible. Support command detection for DeclareRobustCommand. Persistently store fit and center options of preview panel. Support more environments for table auto-formatting. Remember scope when deleting auxiliary files. Improved handling of incomplete options in the syntax checker. New/improved cwls: mathtools, circuitikz. Fix crash with RTL text input. Fix some shortcuts couldn't be assigned on OSX. Fix multi-cursor edits are now grouped into a single undo action. Fix lost scroll position when previewing large images. Fix assignment of multiple shortcuts to editor operations. Fix unindent per shortcut without selection. Fix more consistent behavior for PgUp/PgDown in PDF viewer. Fix immediately generate cursor mirrors when inserting via the menu. Fix commands defined in one file included by many documents were only known in the completion list of one them. Fix compile option without poppler. Fix crash with newcommands xyz 123456789 . Fix BEGIN_FOLD could not be folded. Fix apply grayscale and invert color settings also to magnifier. Fix incorrect search hightlight region in PDF viewer with Qt5.