TOMUSS 5.5.5

TOMUSS is a collaborative web application for multi-user table editing. Its interactivity prevents accidential data loss or incorrect values, provides a cell editing history, does not impose complex formulas, a lean security model, allows integration with information backends, does not require a specific framework for extensibility. It's intended for managing student grades, but allows simple column averages or free text editing.

Tags python javascript web-based office education administration groupware table-editor
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

5.5.518 Dec 2014 00:16 minor feature: Better backtrace subject for unauthorized new page. Better live reloading of column types. Better detection of canceled load. Grey background help message was not displayed on blur for some input. The filter now find space in values.
5.3.1829 Sep 2014 21:00 minor bugfix: Many bug fixes and a big security problem. Upgrading is required.